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Question by Alice: English grammar question: Hi, Mom!?
What is the difference between saying: Hi, mother! and Hi, Mom!
Who say “Mom” ? Only children? Until which age is acceptable to say Hi, Mom in America?

Do we need to capitalize the first letter of Mom?

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Answer by violet
Mother is the person who gives life to a child. Mom is the person who gives her life to the raising of a child. A person who willingly accepts the burdens, responsibilities, heart breaks, and joys of raising a child. In comparison to being a Mom, it takes very little to be a Mother. It takes only nine months to become a mother. On the other hand, to be a Mom takes a life commitment to hard work, worry, and the giving of one’s self for the good of a child.
yes, u need to capitalize

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The Fireworks Explosion at Disney During the Pirates and Princesses Party!
Moms At Work
Image by Stuck in Customs
There is a special night at Disney when they close the park for everyone except for the people that bought special passes to the Pirates and Princesses Party. Things were still pretty busy as we scurried around from one stop to another to collect treasure and engage in the booty-like festivities.

They even had a bunch of Johnny Depps running around (one of them rather convincing), taking photos and giving impromptu sword-fighting lessons. I had read a story about a Johnny Depp-lookalike that worked at Disneyworld that had a secret blog… about all the crazy things that would happen behind the scenes with all the randy moms.

Anyway, the finale of the night was this massive fireworks display on top of the Cinderella Castle… it was more than my 10mm could grab!

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This is what we do when mom is at work. I love that kids give you new eyes on the daily!
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