mn work from home – Is it possible to work from home as a data analysis consultant? How can I convince customers to send me their information?

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query by Alexander O : Is it possible to work from home as a data analysis consultant? How can I persuade consumers to send me their information? I’m data mining and predictive modeling professionals MN. I worked a lot of years for numerous firms as a complete-time personnel. Now I want to try out to operate from home as an independent consultant to. Is it attainable to peraticular in this area? Send to How to convince my possible customers you function me their information for analysis? I know from my encounter that organizations are very sensitive in providing customer-relevant information to someone outside the company. Does anybody have equivalent difficulties? Thanks Best Solution:

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Yes, you can do the data analysis of your home, given that you currently have the credentials, and in addition to the earlier responder: one) Proper-click analysis resources (SAS, SPSS, Weka, Matlab, Excel, and so on.) and hardware (Personal computer with a big well-RAM). Very best to have the encryption and other safety measures for your information, let your likely customers know that you are significant about the Datensicherheit.2) of the potential client self-confidence. Enter a special free service to act as a check for them. If you do a excellent career, they will progressively allow more data and problems lösen.three) Request for a de-identified information, or do a request for encryption / hashing of identity details (straightforward for data miners) 4) with little organizations with no inner divisions data analysis Start off.Viel luck!

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mn perform at house