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Question by Joshua c: How can I make money at home?
I’m a 19 year old stay at home mom. Me and my husband are not yet financially stable so can anyone tell me how I can make extra money from home. Please tell me the ways that only work for sure for sure

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Answer by CHICKA
Day care.

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Make Money At Home
Image by T U R K A I R O
What happened when the Obelisk returned to Aksum? In fact, the authorities had no funds to re-erect the Obelisk. It didn’t really matter because the Obelisk was already at home -symbolicaly at least. What mattered was the publicity surrounding this return and the advertisment for Ethiopia.

In 1998, the Ethiopian prime minister, Meles Zenawi initiated a pilot project "Ethiopian Cultural Heritage Management" with the World Bank. The goal was to promote an economic development through the valorisation of heritage. What happened with the project? First the project was delayed because of the war. Second, it came as a choice of some of Ethiopian cultural heritage: just the Ethiopian world heritage sites were chosen. And then? Then some training of the Ethiopian heritage staff have started, creating databases, inventories. Art and craft producers have been trained to new comprehensive means of production and to modernised traditional productions.

And then what happened? In fact, nothing has happened yet and maybe it went worst. Anyway one wonders which kind of ‘cultural product’ can come out from a World Bank project.

This is what will be explained in the next captions of this story.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

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Make Money At Home