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William T. Sherman
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William Tecumseh Sherman Monument Location: 15th Street at Pennsylvania Ave. NWBildhauer: Carl Rohl-Smith Date: 1903Medium: Bronze Although the Grant Memorial may be the grandest, the Sherman Monument is behind the U.S. Treasury, the largest and most complex of all Civil War memorials. Before the Civil War, Sherman had failed in life. He graduated from West Point in 1840 and went on to serve in the Mexican War, but resigned his commission in 1853 in to the banking business. But because the banks do not, then his career. When he was rejected for military and law turned back, he tried, but lost the only case he tried. In 1861, at the outbreak of the Civil War, Sherman was serving as superintendent of a new military college in Louisiana, but refused a commission in the Confederate Army. At the age of 41, he was appointed colonel of the 13th Infantry of the regular U.S. Army reappointed extended. Fixed his memoirs that he “felt as if it were now a goal in his life.” In this Commission Caught reaching the rank of commander of the Army of Tennessee in 1863, Sherman made “March to the Sea” during the winter 1864-1865, the imagination of the North. This event led the press that mistrusts Sherman and did not like him in return to be an immensely appealing hero. As lieutenant general and then general and commander of the entire army from 1869-1883, Sherman was among veterans whose welfare he supervised popular. He was active in veterans’ organizations, in constant demand as a speaker at conferences, camps and dedications, and he. “Mix with the guys” rarely declined an invitation to When the news of his death in February 1891, the Company reached the Army of Tennessee, began his officers to a memorial in honor of his memory plan. As with the selection of the sculptor Grant Memorial (although a few years later), the members voted on the company in the summer camp to erect a monument to him in honor “in the provincial capital, in the heart of the Union, he was fighting to save.” Congress was asked for and acquired, 000 to establish the Sherman Monument Commission. The company quickly established committees in every state to raise money, writing prompt “contribute letters to many military organizations of the day, and the promotion of every Union veterans at the statue fund, so that when the statue will be erected in Washington, every soldier , looks, it is the feeling that it is a part of his efforts. “With the plea for funds was an emotional circular to remind veterans of Sherman concern for them in it. Despite the appeals, only 469.91 was raised, requiring Congress to double its contribution. From 1895 confident that they would be successful in raising the final funds required, the Company announced a competition to select a design for the monument. The company wanted to support only equestrian models of American artists, and asked the National Sculpture Society in the selection of artists. In April 1896 23 sculptors models had submitted. Many of the sculptors had filed for earlier models monumental commissions, but had lost. The models were in the basement of the War Department, where she could see the audience and offer opinions displayed. In mid-May, the Commission announced four finalists and the National Sculpture Society, sent a delegation of the country’s most prominent sculptors of the finalists’ models evaluated. The public had favored the most complex model, by the Danish-born Carl Rohl-Smith, but the National Sculpture Society judges pointed Rohl-Smith design found on the ground, “it says ill-conceived and exaggerated.” Said two weeks after the National Sculpture Society delegation, Sherman Monument Commission Rohl-Smith announced as the winner. The losers were outraged and cried foul, claiming that the Sherman Monument Commission completely ignored the advice of experts. The National Sculpture Society also protested the decision. The “Washington Star” newspaper called the competition a “bunko game.” In June, at the urging of the National Sculpture Society offered Sen. Wolcott (CO), who said that the capital of the country had already been embarrassed enough by bad sculpture, a resolution for an investigation into the award of the commission Sherman. What followed was a debate, the big gap between the “art experts” who did not Rohl-Smith model and reinforces the public’s desire for the Rohl-Smith design. The fight lasted until July, denying with Rohl-Smith, that he had no influence in Washington, only the best design. Finally, there was the opposition and Rohl-Smith went to work on his sculpture. While choosing the location was at best controversial, was the choice of location for Rohl-Smith statue, which went on simultaneously much easier. A slight incline on the south side of the Treasury building was recognized because it is where Sherman had watched the two-day review of the Grand Union Army May 1865. On the first day of the review Sherman stood silently watching the Army of the Potomac march in precision. Sherman’s men (the Army of the Tennessee) would pass in review on the second day, and worried that they would not measure up to the Army of the Potomac, he rode across the river to their camp, and called all his commanders. He described in detail the precision marching the Army of the Potomac, in the hope that the officers would relay this look for his men and inspire them as sharp as the Army of the Potomac. On the second day of the review led the Army of Tennessee to Sherman Pennsylvania Avenue with the military band playing “Marching Through Georgia,” a new tune in her honor. When he and his band of men approached the ascent of the Treasury building, Sherman pulled aside, turned to the East in his saddle, and with President Johnson and other dignitaries watched his men march on Pennsylvania Avenue him and checking on the second Würdenträger.Kommentierte day of the Grand Review, reported the Washington Star that “this day men beaten bigger, lankier, more sun, that those who had marched the day before were. Their steps were longer, more self-confidence. They swung along with an easy grace and up their spirits. They were great. “crowds along Pennsylvania Avenue they cheered, throwing flowers and Sherman was almost overwhelmed with emotion. In his memoirs, he recalls it as “one of the happiest, most satisfying moments of his life.” Therefore, this site was chosen as the site for the Sherman Monument, and the pride felt Sherman watched his men were captured Rohl-Smith are in the statue itself. The sculpture takes shape in 1897 set Rohl-Smith his studio in a large barn structure that the Secretary of the Treasury built for him near the place. The building contained an apartment where he and his wife Sarah lived while he worked. In 1900, after completing models for the equestrian statue and three of the four soldiers who would stand guard at the monument of the corners, Rohl-Smith sailed to Denmark for a visit. He died unexpectedly at the age of 52 in Copenhagen. His wife, Sarah, asked the Sherman Monument Commission to allow her the artist who would like to arrange complete the statue and the Commission agreed. Sara, along with some of the young Scandinavians, who had worked with her husband, successfully led the completion of the monument with her late husband original drawings. In August 1903, the Washington Star reported that the first occupation of portions of the 14 ‘tall equestrian statue were to arrive at the site. Sherman torso covered hands, arms, shoulders, neck and head of the largest piece. Design elements on each corner of the platform, stepped outside, four life-size soldiers represent infantry, cavalry, artillery and engineers use. A relief on the north side of the base shows men marching through Georgia as slaves to watch step out of their quarters to pass them. The relief on the south side depicts the Battle of Atlanta with Sherman and his staff at the headquarters as smoke rises from the burning city in the distance. The reliefs on the west and east side of the base show Sherman walking among his men sleeping around a campfire, and the general and his officers on horseback before the Battle of Missionary Ridge. Few medallions bear reliefs of Shermans army and corps commanders (James Birdseye McPherson and Oliver O Howard, John A. Logan and Francis Preston Blair, Greenville M. Dodge and Edward G. Ransom, and Benjamin Grierson and Andrew J. Smith) flank the larger reliefs on the east and west side. Large bronze groups installed at mid-height of the monument east and west side represent “Peace” and “War”. “Peace”, on the eastern side shows, a petite woman with an olive branch with three children, along with supplying a dove. “War”, on the west side is a terrible rage seething anger and hatred, which tramples humanity in the form of a dead young soldiers to their feet. Large bronze vulture sitting on the body to feast on his flesh, graphically drive home Sherman famous observation that. “War is hell” Inscribed on the north facade is another Sherman quote: “War of the legitimate objective is more perfect peace.” Finally, known in the vast mosaic band around the base of the monument are the many battles in which Sherman participated. The inauguration ceremony of the Army of the Tennessee, the company made the plans for the dedication of the Sherman Monument. They arranged for special excursion trains veterans to Washington, special hotel rates and bring activities for veterans’ wives. As the day of the inauguration was, 15 October 1903 came, thousands in Washington and filled all the hotels, forcing many to stay in hotels as far away as Baltimore and Annapolis. Established in Washington, miles of bunting and flags hectares companies, homes and public buildings. The base of the monument itself was entwined with 400 ‘of garland and wreaths on every corner stood 7’ in diameter. On each side of the base, a 6 ‘high screen was red, white and blue flowers, one for each of the four armies. The statue of Sherman was suspended between two huge American flag on wires, while more flags the bronze soldiers wrapped covered at the corners. In the stands for the parade, the ceremonies Turkish carpets were laid preceded. Armchairs for President Theodore Roosevelt and other dignitaries lined the freshly painted railing of the grandstand. More than a thousand folding chairs were arranged in a semicircle before the actual unveiling, “had left veterans limbs to rot on the battlefield” with 200 special chairs for the right at the foot of the statue. Separate tables were set for the press and the Western Union operator. The parade that stretched for miles, began at 2:00 clock. President Roosevelt could hardly contain his enthusiasm and kept waving jumped from his chair and scream passing units. The last tune was played before the ceremony, “Marching Through Georgia.” General Greenville Dodge, president of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, presided. In Dodge signal, drew the late Generals young grandson, William Tecumseh Sherman Thorndike, the cord showing the flags to be separated Sherman astride his horse. The ceremony was unusual among dedications for the eloquence of their speakers. Dedication speeches previously patriotic and sentimental, but the speakers on this one, especially President Roosevelt rose above normal nostalgia. President Roosevelt’s speech was filled with moving, complex pictorial language, because Roosevelt had an agenda and he enjoyed the pulpit granted at this inauguration (the nation had only recently ended the Spanish-American War), but his words express thoughts still valid today. President Roosevelt declared that as an emerging global power, the nation must be ever vigilant and always strong and veterans in the audience roared with approval. Roosevelt used this opportunity to call for a strong national defense, scolding opponents with the words: “No man in the sense of pride in the deeds of the Army and Navy of the past justified if it does not represent the Army and Navy of the present.” Roosevelt no one wanted to rest on past laurels, call the Americans to be strong, strict, while noble deeds and ambitious, stating that heroes like Sherman should inspire citizens to similar acts. The president called the new patriotism, honesty and vigilance – all qualities exhibited by Sherman and others Roosevelt: “The triumphs of the past, the lessons that would, if learned, to victory in challenges yet to come” great dead. . “It is a great and glorious thing for a nation stirred triumph to present the magnificent triumphs of the past. But it is a disgrace for a nation, if these memories they stir only empty boast … We of the present, if we faithful to the past, must demonstrate by our lives that we correct the teachings of the men who major taught done learned the great deeds of the past. “When Roosevelt said, sitting thousands of veterans in front of him who had done the” deeds “of the past have been stirred to know that this man did not look back in time, but forward. He told those gathered that their hard-won victories would lead the nation into a new future that they do not live to see, but whose fate they had guaranteed. By Roosevelt’s promise of a kind of immortality, the men got out of the armies of the Tennessee, Cumberland, Ohio and the Potomac and gave him a round of applause after another.

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