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Legitimate Home Based Business

question of Mudslinger : Are there any legitimate home based business out there
I am looking for a single father to a little extra money to be made. I’m not looking for much maybe between $ 15.00 and $ 30.00 extra per day. I just need a little more money to put a dent in some of my expenses. Are there any legitimate home based or internet companies that have low startup costs. I am willing to dedicate a few hours a day when I can work from home. . Thanks in advance for answering my question Best Answer:

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This profession is all about teamwork, leadership, and providing value.

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why the Jews? … Articles 1 and 2 .. Legitimizing anti-Semitism – Understanding the root of the world’s longest hatred. – Applying the Litmus Test (January 16, 2012/21 Tevet 5772) …
Legitimate Home Based Business
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What is remarkable about the publication of this hateful piece of anti-Semitic trash, is that she was excited by two prominent American professors, John Mearsheimer and Richard Falk, the reader is encouraged, including students, to read, “reflect” and endorsed “often discuss” the Topics Atzmon Buch.Nie before has such a book received the imprimatur of such established academics ………. ***** All images are by their respective authors ………….. Pos) 1 …. aish.com …. Legitimizing anti-Semitism … Why anti-Semitism is moving towards the mainstream. By Alan M. … Dershowitz16. Januar 2012/21 Tevet 5772 …………………………………….. ……. Img code photo …. …….. Legitimizing antisemitism media.aish.com/images/LegitimizingAntiSemitism230.jpg …… …………………………………….. www.aish.com / jw / s / Legitimizing_Anti-Semitism.html For the first time since the end of World War II to control classical antisemitic tropical “the Jews” the world and are responsible for everything that goes wrong, including the financial crisis, blame the Jews killed Christian children the use of blood to bake matzo, the Holocaust never happened, always acceptable and legitimate subjects for academic and political discussion. To understand why these absurd and considered reprehensible, once reserved for the racist edge of science and politics, now moving closer to the mainstream, consider the attitudes of two men, an academic, the other a politician, toward those who or express support such bigotry. The academic is Professor Brian Head. The politician is Ron Paul.Sie have probably never heard of director. He’s a relatively obscure professor of jurisprudence, the attempt is made to raise its profile by publishing a gossipy blog about law school professors. He is a colleague of JohnMearsheimer, a prominent and famous professor at the University of Chicago.Vor few months ago Mearsheimer enthusiastically supported a book really a booklet containing all the classic anti-Semitic tropes. It was entitled “The Wandering Who” and Gilad Atzmon, a British version of David Duke, who plays the saxophone and has written an academic connections. Atzmon writes that we must “very seriously” the claim that “the Jewish people are trying to control the world.” He calls the recent credit crunch “the Zio punch.” He says do not “the history of the Holocaust,” “historical sense” and expresses doubt that Auschwitz was an extermination camp. He invites those students who are accepted to “accusations of Jews making Matzo out of young Goyim’s blood.” Books and pamphlets of this kind written every day by obscure anti-Semites and published by disreputable presses that specialize in this type of waste. No one takes notice, except for neo-Nazis around the world that any additions welcome is in the literature of Hasses.Bemerkenswert to the publication of this hateful piece of anti-Semitic trash, that she was excited by two prominent American professors, John Mearsheimer and Richard Falk, the reader is encouraged, including students, to read, “reflect” and endorsed “often discuss” the issues Atzmon book. Never before has such a book has received the imprimatur of such established Wissenschaftlern.Ich was not shocked by these endorsements, because I knew that these two scientists had been “red lines”, separates exceeded legitimate criticism of Israel from subtle anti-Semitism. Mearsheimer has accused American Jews the double loyalty, Falk has repeatedly compared Israel to Nazi Germany. Both were so enthusiastic about Atzmon anti-Zionism, he wrote that Israel is “worse” than the Nazis that they were willing to give him. A pass on his classic “libel” anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial No big you Überraschung.Klicken here Aish.com ‘s free weekly email erhalten.Was was surprising, indeed shocking-was the fact that Mearsheimer. Relatively apolitical colleague, Brian Head, rushed to Mearsheimer defense Without even Atzmon read book, very head, that Atzmon the “positions [do not mark him] as an anti-Semite [but rather as] cosmopolitan.” Director also certified that Atzmon “does not deny the Holocaust or the gas chambers.” Head had read the book, he could not haben.Atzmon made either statement itself credits “a man who … was an anti-Semite” for “many of [his] knowledge” and describes himself as a “self-hating Jew”, contempt has “the Jew in me.” If that’s not an admission of anti-Semitism, rather than “cosmopolitanism” I do not know what is. As far as the Holocaust is concerned, Atzmon asserts that it is not “a historical narrative.” And in contrast to the gas chambers, he doubts that the “Nazis ran the death factory in Auschwitz-Berkanau.” Director went so far that those who Mearsheimer dared to criticize for endorsing Atzmon book calling their criticism “hysterical” and not to condemn “advance [ing] honest intellectual discourse.” And he defended Mearsheimer endorsement as “straight forward”. Brian The head of the world are an important part of the reason why anti-Semitic tropes creeping back to legitimacy in academia. His knee-jerk defense of an admitted Jew hater-who is not reprehensible to head an anti-Semite, but an acceptable “cosmopolitan” contribution to the legitimation of Antisemitismus.Verwandte Seminar: Why the Jews ………….. ………………………………. ………. aish.com … HOME .. SEMINARS .. Why the Jews …. Understanding the root of the world’s longest Hass.16. Januar 2012/21 Tevet 5772von Raphael Shore www.aish.com/sem/wtj/ .. ………………………………………… The same ……. for Ron Paul, who has heard all the words are true. “Deny” Paul has to the New York Times, refused to “support” (These “anti-Zionists” believe that “Zionists”, “white supremacists, survivalists and anti-Zionists who have made behind his candidacy.” – Jews rule the world, were responsible for the bombing of Oklahoma federal building, and caused the economic downturn, because) he let his “Ron Paul Survival Report”, most of the leading companies are participating in the federal and international banking Jews. ” confess “David Duke type racism and anti-Semitism for years in the 1990s claimed that he did not know that they were promoted under his name. Edward H. Crane, the founder of the libertarian Cato Institute, said: “I wish Ron would these fringe things that float around condemn” his campaign, but he refuses to support this anti-Semites who reject a significant part of his education basis. The New York Times, Paul criticized for his failure to “convincingly repudiate racist remarks that under his name for years, or the enthusiastic support he received from racist groups, have been published,” including those who “profess anti-Semitism and far right paranoia.” Even Paul now is to accept contributions from Holocaust deniers, from those who blame Jews for everything and from other fanatics, so lending a degree of legitimacy is their hateful Blick.Es been said that “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. ” Head undPaul may or may not be good people, but they are guilty of more than just doing nothing. They are, by their actions and helps legitimate, the oldest bigotries. Shame on them! …….. Item 2) …. aish.com … Why the Jews – Part 1 …. Understanding the root of the world’s longest hatred …………………………………… img code photo … .. Why the Jews? media.aish.com/images/why_the_jews_230x150_m.jpg ….. ………………………………… Raphael Shore16. Januar 2012/21 Tevet 5772 www.aish.com/sem/wtj/82875402.html prejudices, it seems, is a standard fare of life. In his popular song titled “National Brotherhood Week” Tom Lehrer sings: Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics, and the Catholics hate the Protestants, and the Hindus hate the Muslimeund everyone hates the Juden.In this song represents teachers in the truism that hatred the Jews clearly commonplace. The Crusades, the Inquisition, blood libels, pogroms, countless expulsions and the systematic murder of 6 Millionen.Die question is: Why? What is behind this millennium hatred? Why the undercurrent of anti-Semitism has bubbled and boiled and exploded against Jews everywhere, always examine in the course of history in this 8-part seminar is the root cause of the world’s longest hatred —— causes over Excuses – How. ? can we tell the difference when we study any theory, it is important to distinguish between a “cause” and distinguish the difference is not hard to see “Sorry.”: When one thing causes another, if we cause the eliminate should vanish the effect. If on the other hand, is one thing, an excuse for others, even after removing the excuse, the effect bleiben.Ein child who is chronically late to school is to say in his defense: not “But I have a clock. How can you expect me to school in time, if I do not have a clock? “is if his parents would buy him a clock, and he’d still be late for school, then it is clear that the lack of a clock was just an excuse for being late, not their Ursache.Was Combating Anti-Semitism, if we are able to identify the reason for anti-Semitism, then the eliminated should put an end to hatred of Jews. However, if we can eliminate them and the hatred remains, then we know that what we thought was a cause is actually an excuse. —— .. The six most common reasons for anti-Semitism Keep this distinction in mind as we explore the six most frequently offered reasons for anti-Semitism. As we touch on each of these statements, we will try to determine if it has the cause of hatred or just an excuse ist.Historiker and sociologists have come up with numerous theories to explain anti-Semitism. We will examine these one by one and discuss the validity of each …… Economic: Jews are hated because they possess too much wealth and power …… Chosen People: Jews are hated because they arrogantly claim that they are the chosen people …… Scapegoat: Jews are a convenient group to highlight and the blame for all the problems …… Deicide: Jews are hated because they killed Jesus …… Outsiders: Jews are hated because they are different from the rest of society …… Racial Theory: Jews are hated because they are an inferior race sind.Lassen you .. we examine these six common reasons given and determine whether they are truly causes or excuses ——. The economic theory of economic theory AntisemitismusDie Semitism postulates that Jewish wealth and power arouses the envy of other groups, and this in turn leads to large Unmut.Diese theory has surfaced in different guises throughout history. One of the ways it has been popularized by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Protocols of the fictional “secret meeting” in the Jewish leaders conspire to rule the world. Protocols is a vicious anti-Semitic book by the Russian secret police geschaffen.Diese fictional account has provided an excellent excuse for campaigns of persecution against the Jews, influenced the masses to believe the myth that Jews control governments. It is the second most published book in the Geschichte.Haben people still believe that Jews have a mysterious financial and organizational advantage over the rest of humanity —— Ancient Chinese secret Nisa True Story: A Jewish physicist worked for Exxon Corporation spent many months working on a project in collaboration with a world-renowned scientists from China. The two men developed a good working relationship is friendly and was miteinander.Eines day Chinese scientists commented on the Jews, “You know, since we first met, I sense you ask one question: Why did you become a physicist Why did you not just go into the business? “” What kind of question is that? ” The Jewish scientists responded. “I became a physicist because I wanted to be a physicist!” “But you’re not Jewish?” The Chinese man persisted. “So what does that make?” “Well,” the Chinese scientist patiently explained, “it would be innumerable risks, if I would go into the business, but for you there is no risk!” “Pardon me, but I’m not “follow, said the Jew. “What kind of business is risk free?” “For You – every company Come on,” he said with a conspiratorial wink, “we all know you have the organization behind you. “” Huh? What “organization” are you talking about? “” Come on, everyone knows that started all Jewish men money from the organization if it is heiraten.Das, like all Jews get in the economy. There is no risk, because if the business does not buy the organization’s debts and then funnel more start-up money to the Jews. That’s up to the ladies and hits a company that thrives! “No such fantastically talented international organization exists. Yet the adoption of this world-class scientists shows that the myth of Jewish access to unlimited wealth alive and well today. —— .. The application of litmus TestIst explain this attitude Semitism ? In economic theory, a cause or an excuse for anti-Semitism? First universal moderation is seen against the rich. We see no sustained historical persecution against wealthy non-Jews. So if the haters pick out wealthy Jews and decide to ignore wealthy non-Jews can Economics is not considered as a cause of hatred is werden.Zweitens if we remove the element of the wealth and power of the Jews, anti-Semitism disappear? The Jews who lived in the shtetels of Poland and Russia in the 17th-20th centuries , were poor and powerless, completely devoid of any form of influence. Yet they were hated. Often they were persecuted and unspeakable tortures. On many occasions entire villages were pillaged and massacred its Jewish inhabitants in cold blood. those circumstances that the anti-Semitism among poor distinguished and rich, between the strong and weak, between powerful and machtlos.Ebenso initiated anti-Semites in the Middle Ages countless pogroms against Jews (without first study of its bank accounts and investment portfolios). When the Nazis liquidated the Warsaw ghetto, there was no Jewish businesses . destroy In fact, the poor conditions there were appalling. Jews in the ghetto could not have been thought of as “rich” by anyone’s standards, and yet the Nazis thought they had eliminated hated Jews werden.Armen always been as rich Jews . When a Jew with financial success, it may be the anti-Semites, the teeth on edge, but the Jews is success clearly not what created the anti-Semite. money can not be the cause of anti-Semitism. —— .. The fugu PlanWie it would be with power Can it be the cause of anti-Semitism, if someone who is rich and powerful, comes to you for a favor, would you follow him No, it -? debt with such a person in your is a great insurance. Case in point is the Arab oil-producing countries, which are far mollified, despite their standards, which was often in the face of Western values ​​to fliegen.Es a people to treat this, the Jews, as if powerful and many were having. The Japanese never had much contact with Jews and knew very little about them. In 1919 Japan fought on the side of the anti-Semitic White Russians against the Communists. At the time, the White Russians, the Japanese put the book, The Protocols of the Elders Zion.Der of Japanese studied the book, and by all accounts, naively believed its propaganda Her reaction was immediate and powerful -. they formulated a plan for Jewish settlement and investment into Manchuria, the Japanese decided to promote that these rich and powerful Jews. exactly are the people with whom to do business! The Japanese called their plan for Jewish settlement “The Fugu Plan.” The “fugu” is a highly poisonous blowfish. After the toxin-containing are organs removed with difficulty, it is in the food Japan uses and is considered an exquisite delicacy., if not made carefully, however, can be deadly poison sein.Die Japanese saw the Jews as a nation with very valuable potential, but, as with the fugu, to take advantage of this potential, had . it to be extremely careful, otherwise the Japanese thought, the plan would backfire and the Jews would be Japan, with its great power to vernichten.Duuring the Second World War, the Japanese allies of the Nazis, but they may not thousands of European refugees – including the entire Mir Yeshiva – to enter Shanghai and Kobe during the war, they welcomed these Jews into their country, not because she had a great love for the Jews, but because they believed that the Jews had access to enormous resources and power, which greatly. could benefit Japan. (This is all in the book, The Fugu Plan detail of Marvin Tokay.) If anti-Semites truly believe that Jews rule the world, then why do not they apply to the Jews, like the Japanese? fact that Jews are generally treated as outcasts proves that people do not really believe that Jews as rich or powerful as they claimed. In other words, the anti-Semites not seriously their own propaganda. —— .. Whatever Happened to Jewish Power? If? one truth, the idea that Jews control the government, why could not those powerful Jews convince each country from the refugees who are struggling to accept who escaped the inferno Europe during the Holocaust, when ” World Jewry “is so powerful and swings like political influence, surely at least agree on a government to accept them as refugees and allowed them to stay until the end of the war … The movie Voyage of the Damned shows dramatically how the government in the head sand buried, during the slaughter of the Jews was deactivated. As such, the claim that Jews control governments rings painfully absurd. —— .. Jews GeldverleiherIm same sense, many people say that anti-Semitism by the fact that the Jews were moneylenders in many societies and allegedly extracted their “pound of flesh” from their non-Jewish compatriots caused wurde.In fact just the opposite is the case. Jews were forced lenders become straight because of severe employment restrictions, the anti-Semitic tendencies be imposed. Anti-Semitic laws made it impossible for Jews to own land, to attend university or be no common pursuits. Money was the only commodity in which they were to treat authorized, lacking any other option, see them moneylenders wurde.Daher we that hated Jews because they were money-lenders, but they were rich moneylenders because they hated Jews wurden.Leistungsstarke or weak or poor Jews Jews Jews – all have been equally gehasst.Offensichtlich is the economic reason for anti-Semitism really an apology …..

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