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question of brandenads : What are some tips for finding legitimate work at home jobs
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Listen … Rape is a volatile topic polictically (5:08 PM, August 26, 2012) … Item 2 .. Gawker – Unmasking the violentacrez Reddit, The Biggest Troll on the Web – Reddit already exploded in outrage. (October 12, 2012 17.00 clock) …
Legitimate Jobs
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I had just told him, on GChat, I had his identity as the notorious Internet troll violentacrez (read: Violent-Acres) aufgedeckt.Ausgehend of its Internet presence, Brutsch, 49, has a lot to sweat over. If you are offended is able, Brutsch has done almost certainly something that would offend you, then did his best to your face to reiben.Seine specialty is the distribution of images of scantily clad underage girls, but he also exhibited as violentacrez an infinite source of racism, pornography, gore, misogyny, incest and exotic horrors yet unnamed, all on the vast online community Reddit.Zu the time I called Brutsch, his latest project, a new section was moderate Reddit user posted where covert Photos she had taken of women in public. usually close-ups of their asses or breasts, a voyeuristic sexual arousal It was called “Creep Shots.” Now Brutsch which was exposed a sense and it does not suit him very well ………. ***** All images are by their respective authors ………… Message header for FSU NachrichtenIn Recently several male politicians some really stupid things on issues of abortion, birth control and rape things that they never really understood quite simply, because they say various sexual reproductive organs haben.Nicht that makes People no less important, but it’s a little harder to understand their opinions they can not justify …….. Pos) 1 …. FSU News … www.fsunews.com … Rape is a volatile polictically Thema17.08 clock, 26 August 2012Geschrieben vonSAMANTHA HustedStaff WriterAbgelegt unterFSU NachrichtenFSU News Views gawker.com … violentacrez THE INTERNET REDDIT Reddit Michael Brütsch CREEP SHOTS LONGREADSDemaskierung the violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web … …………………….. img code photo … The man behind the TROLL … Michael Brutsch, 49 img.gawkerassets.com/img/181ycj8ex213ujpg/original.jpg ……………………….. Adrian Chen12. October 2012 05.00 clock gawker.com/5950981/unmasking -reddits-violentacrez-the-big … On Wednesday afternoon, I called Michael Brutsch. He was in the office of the Texas financial services company, where he works as a programmer, and he had a bad day. I had just told him, on GChat, I had his identity as the notorious Internet troll violentacrez (read: Violent-acres). Revealed “It’s amazing how much you sweat in a 60-degree office,” he said with a nervous Lachen.Ausgehend of its Internet presence, Brutsch, 49, has a lot to sweat over. If you are offended is able, Brutsch has done almost certainly something that would offend you, then did his best to rub your face. His specialty is the distribution of images of scantily clad underage girls, but as violentacrez he also issued an infinite source of racism, pornography, gore, misogyny, incest and exotic horrors yet unnamed, all. On the extensive online community Reddit At the time I called Brutsch, his latest project was moderating a new section where Reddit user posted covert photos she had taken of women in public. Usually close-ups of their asses and breasts, a voyeuristic sexual arousal It was called “Creep Shots.” Now Brutsch the feeling was exposed to him and it does not fit very good.But Michael Brutsch is more than a monster. Online has been one of the most maligned characters violentacrez Reddit but also his beloved users. The self-proclaimed “creepy uncle Reddit” has a little known but important role in the development Reddit online juggernaut it is played today. In real life Brutsch is a military father and cat lovers. He lives with his wife in the Dallas suburb of Arlington, Texas. There violentacrez many pages, and now that I had Michael Brutsch on the phone I was hoping to find out where the troll stopped and started the real person. *** I became aware for the first time broke violentacrez last year when controversy over a section called “Jailbait” that violentacrez Reddit dedicated sexualized images of underage girls had created. (Brutsch adapted the name of “Violent Acres”, a popular anonymous blogger he loved in the mid-2000s.) On Reddit, for the uninitiated, is essentially a social news site, with a free username, anyone can submit and vote content and can do so anonymously. And anyone can start a forum on Reddit dedicated to their interests known as subreddit. Today there are about 10,000 active subreddits of nearly 100,000 in total and includes a wide variety of topics from funny pictures, pooping on Power Rangers to. If a post gets enough “upvotes”, as they are called, it can be driven to the front page of Reddit and a massive audience werden.Die range of issues and the involvement of users has Reddit, which is the “front page of the internet,” the only dominant force in Internet culture today, with over 3.4 billion page views in August this year calls made. It reached a new level of legitimacy in the last month when President Obama held a Q & A on Reddit. Reddit these days is in the same breath as Twitter and Facebook by experts expound on the power of social media erwähnt.Aber Reddit laissez-faire attitude to offensive speech has become a huge belly that made everything on the infamous 4chan cesspool rivals. And Jailbait decided violentacrez a safe space for people sexually attracted to underage girls to create their photo stowed shares. I’d called these people pedophiles, Jailbait Jailbait subreddit it was the online equivalent systematized street harassment “ephebophiles.”. User posted snapshots of tweens and teenage girls. Often in bikinis and skirts Many of them were lifted from their Facebook accounts and throw themselves in front of the 20,000 Jailbait horny Abonnenten.Violentacrez presenters and colleagues worked hard to ensure that every girl on underage jailbait was diligently delete any photos, the subjects appeared older than 16 or 17. Violentacrez himself wrote hundreds of photos. Jailbait was one of the most popular subreddits Reddit, making millions of page views per month. “Jailbait” was for a time the second largest search traffic bring on Reddit, to “Reddit”. Jailbait finally landed on CNN, where Anderson Cooper called Reddit for hosting, and violentacrez for creating it. The ensuing outcry led Reddit administrators reluctant to prohibit Jailbait, and all sexually suggestive content involving minors ………………………… img code Photo … Michael Brutsch, 49 img.gawkerassets.com/img/181yqzkufieghjpg/original.jpg at Michael Brutsch Reddit meet-up ………………………… On the phone, said Michael Brutsch he is not a pedophile but was unapologetic about Jailbait. He compared the photos of underage girls he sultry to Britney Spears ‘written’ Hit Me Baby One More Time “video. She was 16 at the time, he said, how it was different than what he did? Brutsch he said reposted photos he had found elsewhere, mostly on 4chan, and that it immediately removes any downright child pornography that was posted. “I was always in advance of the type of things that I find attractive” he said. Brutsch create not creep shots subreddit which was launched earlier this year. But if it was to heat for a teacher in Georgia started in late September dismissed for alleged covert post pictures of his underage students, it only makes sense that the section moderators would bring violentacrez on to help with the newfound attention. He was a moderator, forbidden to Creep Shots this week was the increasing controversy. (The circumstances Creep Shots “ban is unclear how Reddit General had said manager BuzzFeed they would not ban the subreddit because it is not broke Reddit rules.) After his screen name of Anderson Cooper on CNN for Jailbait was mutilated violentacrez greatest moment as a troll, but it It was not his first time in the spotlight. Since Brutsch stumbled on Reddit via a link on the Internet culture blog BoingBoing in 2007, he has reached the limits of Reddit free speech pushed culture. He has the offensive primarily through the creation of subreddits to sensitive . done troll users created some of the sections violentacrez or moderates were: ChokeabitchNiggerjailbaitRapebaitHitlerJewmericaMisogynieInzestSie can on Reddit and visit if you want to ruin your day, but the content is selbsterklärend.Im opposed to Jailbait, apparently by a sincere interest in the emerged, many of the offensive subreddits violentacrez years have been created only to enrage other Reddit users. At this they were very effective. What happened was some do-gooder would stumble upon one of his offensive subreddits and put it with the rest of Reddit in an indignant Post. then thousands more the cause of the title page would vote Reddit. Cries censor would explore it to be pushed back almost inevitably by cries of “free speech,” The idea of ​​free speech sacred to many Reddit users is a product of the free-wheeling online message board Culture springs from the Reddit. If you criticize someone for posting something you do not like, you’re a whiny Faschist.Violentacrez explained his philosophy to trolling the Internet culture website the Daily Dot in August 2011. He had another controversy by a graphic of a partially dressed woman brutally beaten by a great man, raised in “beatingwomen” a subreddit dedicated to the glorification of violence against women. A redditor had named the picture in a post, and it was selected on the front page . “People take things too seriously here,” said violentacrez. “I was not surprised by the outrage of the person who made the post, because I see it all the time. What was surprising was the community support for it. Most of the posts that are complaining about these things never very good, and are quickly buried or deleted. I think it’s interesting to defend how many people my right of way to act I, while loudly my own contributions. “A troll using social dynamics, such as computer hackers use vulnerabilities and violentacrez quietly exploited the Reddit hive mind mighty indignation machine and free speech values ​​at the same Zeit.Es this pattern was repeated dozens of times to different degrees, the violentacrez an unlikely hero to many of the white male geeks who to Reddit hard core. violentacrez They saw a champion in the fight against the oppressive schoolmarms “He acknowledged a degree of freedom for the worst of us to guarantee freedom for all of us,” one user wrote in an article mourning his departure, fans followed him wherever he grew up on the grounds ging.Als his fame. Brutsch began selling T-shirts with an illustration of a zombified version of the Alien logo Reddit designed by a professional artist, that he adopted as the logo violentacrez. subreddit called violentacrez He created a dedicated news and posts about himself. named Last year Daily Dot . redditor him the most important of the year violentacrez was the most influential users of one of the most influential sites on the web … violentacrez was a troll, but he was a well-connected troll … The whole time crying violentacrez critics the same refrain: “How does he do through? “One reason violentacrez occupy continue such a high profile position on Reddit was of course his free speech rhetoric. But violentacrez historically has a close relationship with Reddit employees, a fact far less than his controversial behavior known. violentacrez was a troll, but He was a well-connected troll. He told me that he was closely associated with a number of early Reddit employees, many of whom are now postponed to chat with them on IRC or even sometimes on the phone. A few years ago, while still underway in Jailbait was strong, Reddit administrators gave him a special one-of-a-kind “pimp hat” badge, his contributions to the website, the honor he proudly displayed on his profile. Brutsch said he was also the last race for a job as account manager at Reddit last Jahr.Während the Jailbait controversy reached Erik Martin, the site general manager, issued on violentacrez before to warn him that they shut down going to have his most prized possession, violentacrez after a chat conversation transpired at the time. ” Want to give you a heads-up, “wrote Martin.” We are making a change in policy regarding jailbait type content. Not really have a choice. “(Martin not respond to requests for comment.) Violentacrez came The privileged location of the fact that he had for years administrators with the massive shady side helped Reddit, acting essentially almost as an unpaid employee. Reddit administrators handed over supervision the site of the NSFW side violentacrez after former Reddit lead programmer Chris Slowe (aka Keysersosa), who worked at Reddit from 2005 to late 2010. If violentacrez joined first the place and filled it with dirt, were administrators suspicious and they clashed often. But Finally, administrators and violentacrez came to an uneasy truce after Slovenia. For all his trouble, they realized that violentacrez excellent community moderator and could be expected to the administrators informed of illegal content on the stick, he stumbled. “On one occasion we for terms, he was actually quite helpful. He would take us with things that we had not noticed, “said Slowe.” At the time there were only four of us are working so this was a great resource for us to have. “Clearly administrators, it was easier to police by questionable content violentacrez outsource, as their hands dirty or even ostracize him and risking something worse occurs without their knowledge. the devil you know. This also flourished as Jailbait and was an ever-more-part Reddit transport and culture in 2008 he won the most votes in a “subreddit of the Year” poll administrators looked the other way. “We’ve just come from there and let him do his thing and we knew that at least he was always going on a lot of things that are not legally especially” , Slowe said. “I know I did not want it to be my duty.” violentacrez close relationship administrators made him an elite member Reddit army of moderators, which is known as “mods” on the website. Though much of the millions of users , content to Digg is made, it is Reddit over 20,000 volunteers mods which was the real secret to his success. They act as a janitor and editors to keep their main subreddits clean with content stocked. Reddit innovation to this user Move up in the food chain, from simple content generators to leadership positions. This allows Reddit the insanely rich content and users are served by a few paid staff. has the disadvantage that it Reddit official management in troubled symbiotic relationships with sketchy but effective presenters as violentacrez müssen.Und enter sometimes these relationships are more trouble than they’re worth. After Jailbait controversy violentacrez repeatedly asserted on Reddit, he was cut off by administrators who had been burned by the controversy. Indeed, if I did with spoke with said Brutsch Reddit admins had kept her distance for a while. He suggested that the site is not what it once was. In recent days he has less contribution, less stirring Drama.Wenn it comes to mods, is the political model of Reddit is not so much a great digital democracy, as it is often framed by fans and users, as on-feudalism. violentacrez presenters such absolute control over your lawn in exchange for keeping the empire strong Reddit are given. Moderators more or less powerful directly related to the number and popularity of subreddits they moderate, allowing them to take over other subreddits to their profile in the community are trying to increase. Inevitably develop Reddit administrators relations with the influential moderators. How warring Medieval Lords vie for the favor the king form alliances or moderators wage epic flame wars over Machtkämpfe.Dies is how violentacrez, the scariest Reddit user, was also his most powerful. Sure, he was responsible for the absolute worst stuff on Reddit, and by extension, some of the worst things on the Internet. But violentacrez was also seen Chris Slowe it to me, “a trustworthy and a positive member of the community.” He hosted over 400 subreddits and had many high-profile friends, gathered over many years. His contain stable even hundreds of popular mainstream subreddits how funny and WTF that reach audiences of millions. violentacrez further solidified its reach by having a mentor for other presenters. He created the first FAQ for more intuitive interface Reddit moderator., he directed a number of subreddits specializes in consulting and camaraderie for other presenters, including significant modhelp.So it was no surprise that when the news got out earlier this week that I was working on a story that violentacrez uncover the true identity, other presenters at Reddit, rallied to defend him.’s popular politics subreddit led the charge, with a ban on all Gawker links. “As moderators, we believe that this type of behavior is completely unacceptable,” they wrote. “We volunteer our time on Reddit, in order a better place for the user, and should not be harassed and threatened for it. We should examine all afraid of the threat of our personal information and spread around the Internet, if someone disagrees with you. “Some have expressed this as Reddit users’ preference to consume pornographic generosity violentacrez. Indeed, the ban was more likely an expression of friendship from the politics subreddit moderators. Violentacrez trained probably some of them. They were angry that their friend wanted be outed for easy in your mind, exercising his freedom of speech, their inalienable right to post anonymous stalker shots of women. *** If I Brutsch that called Wednesday afternoon and told him I knew who he was, I was a little surprised by how calm he remained during our intense but civil hour-long conversation. I had thought that a man whose hobby was to say horrible shit, just to screw with people online would increase some terrible new level when the conditions on Earth is actually called for. Instead, he asked me in an affectless monotone not to reveal his name. “My wife is disabled. I have a house and a mortgage, and if it hits the fan, I think this is a negative effect on my job, “he said.” I do my job, go home watch TV, and go on the internet. I would just riling people in my spare time. “I asked if he all he had now written, that he had found to be regretted. No, he said.” I would stand by exactly what I’ve done. “The problem was, he stated that, when his identity got to begin his many enemies attaching would lie to his name, because they just do not like his views. would you say he was a child pornographer, when all he had done was the spearhead of the distribution of thousands of . statutory photos of underage girls you would say the fact that he created a subreddit devoted to Hitler meant that he was anti-Semitic, when it was really just trolling (Brutsch says he has Jewish blood himself. “When a picture of I can see I’m looking for as Jewish as they come. “) would Google bomb his name and the word” pedophile “publicly traded along with his company name … I asked if he all he had now written, that he had found to be regretted. No, he said. “I would stand by exactly what I’ve done.” express .. He had to keep his anonymity, his ability to get things to a lot of people think, but hardly anyone says With protect violentacrez. “I have the freedom, about my personal life to speak my personal feelings … I’m sure there’s more than one person in this building who is a pervert, “he said, referring to his office Gebäude.Er asked several times if he do something to me could think of outing him. He offered as an Mole act for myself, “sockpuppet” be on Reddit. “I’m like the spy who has found out,” he said. “I’ll do anything. If you set me messages, delete what I wrote, what also always want. I am at your mercy, because I can not really worse, think that might happen. It’s not like me to do something illegal. “I told him it was not my job to tell him what to do, I only report what he had done, but it did shake me a bit. It did not help that our call was unplanned and I had not properly steeled myself for a tough week. At first it was just a friendly to GChat conversation with violentacrez, not a confrontation with himself Brutsch sein.Ich violentacrez had originally said that I was interested in profiling him in the light of the new controversy creep shots. I arranged the GChat interview without hinted that a former online friend had tipped me disgusted for his true identity during Jailbait scandal after the friend had become his obsession with underage girls. since then had violentacrez recorded the Geek Podcast Drill The Down with other high-profile Reddit moderators outing of his voice. All I had to do, was called Michael Brutsch and adapt his voice violentacrez the. My plan that on Wednesday to chat with violentacrez before calling Brutsch have. I did not want risking Brutsch calls first, only to have it completely shut down as soon as he was he outed realisiert.Leider I’ve never been good at keeping secrets. My poker face is so bad, it can even be read by a computer screen, obviously. Our GChat, I pressed on his anonymity violentacrez enough that he grew suspicious. We were about why he feels comfortable participating Chat IRL meet-ups of Redditors if his anonymity was so important to him when he aufgesprungen.me on the train : It seems like you are not super careful about keeping your identity under wraps when you meet people in real life, many trolls I have spoken, I would never do, or give as many details about themselves as they do.. violentacrez: You have given me my real name? violentacrez yeah: that’s not gutme. seems like you said a lot of people Are you surprised it would be out violentacrez: yes, I thought I could those know trust. Will you be mine? panic a bit, I quickly picked up the phone and dialed the number that I had found on the online resume Brutsch that, so I could hear Brutsch voice, to see if it violentacrez matched. it did. “So, you want me out?” he said. *** One thing that was not Brutsch about when I talked to him on the phone was anxious to find out his immediate family, about his online habits.

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