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‘get it done right’ … Animal Control Returns to Wide Road property – photos show the dogs live four to a cage next to the pile of mud and water buckets, the years have become brown. – Wide Road an address in Tallahassee (9 February 2012) …
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But are not satisfied with the cleaning conditions of neighbors. You want to go to the dogs. They say they have enough to live by the constant barking and odor from the home where Animal Control says more than 50 dogs … Read Comments ….. ….. ****** Eight (8) Comments below ****** comments from the audience, as up to date and do not always reflect the views of this station. By — on laps 9 Wide February 2012 at 01:54 UhrWo is our Southside Commissioner? Mr. Proctor to come out, do your work? His answer would be NO! We are not his favorite ingredients — Location With mission statement. County on 8 February 2012 at 05:12 UhrAnimal Control Division, Richard Ziegler, Director of Animal Control Protect Leon County Animal & Citizen Mission Statement: Improve animal and human well-being through education, prevention, enforcement and programs, and humane animal care and control services for the citizens and animals of Leon County . Does it look as if he lived up to the MISSION …. NO. Mugshot — From Nice on 7 February 2012 at 09:53 Uhrhttp :/ / / ~ ~ V — By’ll tell SO Location: WIDE RD ​​on 7 February 2012 01:42 AMDANKE Animal Control [board] is not in U.S. to give up through the years do not you Richard ZIG YOU ARE A SCUM BAG FOR animal abusers and liars, that authorization to ON for 12 years of our complaints procedure GO. CHRIS! CHRIS! Say you SO — From Burr Location: wide street on 6 February 2012 at 11.34 UhrAls response to the “dont hate the dog” Yes, we talked to her and she is very approachable and will curse you and tipped us from going down the street. Shes not a nice lady that is rescuing dogs. Shes a bitter lonely woman with no respect for others or their many dogs as the pictures clearly showed tonite Location — by another observer. TLH on 6 February 2012 at 11.23 UhrJa, it is for the fire works, no it is not what is normal for them. She is in the process of suing them again. Trust me, they would gladly be rid of! As for the dogs, I love dogs, all dogs, but it has been neglected for years. It has 2 apartments, one of them, and one that was left her by her mother. The dogs have become so bad that it took to dig under the foundation, and it is on the verge of collapse. My poor child is neglected, and yet she is still away with it just by staying on the right side of the line. Please someone save these animals and the child! She is in serious need of mental help! — With enough is enough on 4 February 2012 at 07:42 Uhrseit over a decade, Winkelmann has been breeding dogs, they would be ads in the newspaper to sell the Husky / Hound mix puppies to place. I have seen them advertise one of the puppies for sale in a few years. they did not want to Adopt a dog from a shelter EVER! they can not be saved, they could breed them. this is a case of a couple of dogs allowed for 10 years and production of offspring to breed. and dont blame the evil lair for their irresponsibility. She has already offered several coupons to set their dogs for years. which they refused to do. and now we are here. a decade later and nearly a hundred dogs … —- By Anonymous on 3 February 2012 at 06:35 Uhres is a nuisance law in Leon County, which will be enforced if the LCSO wants can be, I was living in Tallahasee and had a neighbor who had 7 dogs and they would take all night to keep the barking, so we called and they came from LCSO numereous times and the person ended up getting a few tickets ………. ***** All photographs are protected by the respective authors …………… Item 1) … NEWS WCTV … / home / headlines … Posted on: 22.35 9th clock February 2012Animal Control Returns to Real Estate Wide Road Animal Control officers say owner is making progress, remains for a further review in the next week, reporter Mike Springer. Julie MontanaroE-mail address: @ michael.springer [UPDATE] Neighbors Tire Tire neighbors of Barking Dogs Barking Dogs Update – 9th Animal Control was back in February when Christine Winkelmann property this afternoon. They inspected the area for several hours. And while they say they have made progress, there is still more work to tun.Pens full of excrement. Polluted water. Several dogs in a Käfig.Das were the conditions of Christine Winckelmann’s property last week, as given here in photos from a confidential source WCTV sehen.Animal to control the wide street property inspected last Thursday. Winckelmann and cited for several violations. “There was a considerable amount of feces around the kennel,” said Richard Ziegler, director of the Leon County Animal Control.Winckelmann was to clean up seven days. Ziegler returned for a follow-up inspection. He reviewed the reasons for the more than two hours. “All the buckets were cleaned Washed.. Pure foods. But some of the kennels will need to be cleansed of the matter,” says Ziegler.Aber not even with the cleaner conditions of neighbors are fulfilled. You want to go to the dogs. They say they’ve had enough of the constant barking and odor from the home where Animal Control says there are more than 50 dogs. “She has to clean the kennel until finally, but what will happen now is everyone thinks everyone will back off her and it is and it will happen again. We need to hear it and smell it all the time, “says Ward Waff, a camera Nachbar.Off says Winckelmann WCTV she takes care of the dogs as best they can. She says she is not a dog hoarder. Only someone who loves dogs. Winckelmann says she does not want one of the dogs end up in shelters and euthanized werden.Winckelmann was issued two citations. One for failure to comply. The second is for creating a public nuisance. You will be required to appear before a judge. And could pay up to 0 dollars per fine ——————- UPDATE – 9. Animal Control officers returned in February after a Woodville home today and ordered the owner of dozens of dogs continue to clean up their Zwingern.Nachbarn complained of constant barking and the odor of feces from the corner lot. Animal Control inspected their property for 2 1/2 hours and have cited her for more Aufräumarbeiten.Atlhough, it has made available fresh water and cleaned up some droppings, animal control says there is still work to do. The quote they must appear in court, where they will face a fine of $ 500 können.Animal control is again checked next week. ———————– ——————————— UPDATED 02/09/2012 by Julie MontanaroWir spoke with the dog owner says Winckelmann heute.Christine she takes care of the dogs to the best Kräften.Sie says she is not a dog hoarder, but a dog lover and do not want one of the dogs euthanized at the shelter are filed. “It makes me sad that so many of my neighbors such Hostility to have on me, “she said. “I am constantly cleaning and trying to keep up with my duties.” —————— UPDATED 8th Return in February 2012 14:39 UhrAnimal Control Thursday will control a wide road flat, for its director. The property has more than 50 dogs living in feces and spoiled him and Wasser.Animal Control Officers went out to the property from 2 February, after neighbors called about excessive barking, and a loose dog. Animal Control inspected the property. And violations were found. Animal Control said Wednesday it would return for a follow-inspection. However, the move on Thursday worden.Richard Ziegler, director of the Leon County Animal Control, says the regulation gives the holder to correspond to 7 days. And he says: Wednesday would be 6 days. A short of the requirement. Ziegler says he’s the property to inspect on Thursday afternoon. ————————————- —————– UPDATED 6th February 2012 11:37 UhrStrafverfolger now have a given Leon County woman an ultimatum in the event of a possible hoarding Situation.Das property, owned by Christine Winckelmann, more than 50 dogs in what many believe are bad conditions. WCTV recently received photos from a confidential source of the property owned by Winckelmann. To view photos on the “Photos” tab above, then anger carol has lived next to the property for years. “You can not hardly stand to be out there because of the smell,” said Zorn.Wir showed her the pictures of what happens over the fence next to her. Photographs show the dogs live four to a cage next to the pile of manure and water buckets, the brown years old become. “I thought about all the years that look like it would be something, but I’ve never been there.” Leon County officials were on the site Friday, the area to prüfen.Animal Control Director Richard Ziegler, who witnessed first hand the property says something has to change. We showed him these photos. “The water, like the water here dark and stuff, that’s one of the things we discussed,” said Ziegler. “Removal of faeces and all that sort of thing yes so that some of the things is that we go, she has to look after allegedly.” Ziegler Winckelmann an ultimatum. She has to clean the property until this Wednesday, before Leon County sheriff’s deputies step in. “There is a process that the regulation allows us to follow and that’s what we’re watching.” Ziegler is not ruled out, animal, says entnommen.Zorn removed from the property, it is ultimately the hope that a solution for both the animals you found Winckelmann werden.Bleiben with WCTV for Updates____________________________________Leon County, FL – 3 February 2012-A Leon County regulation limits the number of animals that you own können.Animal Control came to a house on Wide Road Thursday. Neighbors had complained about excessive barking. Animal Control says more than 50 dogs living in the house. Owners of more than 31 cats and dogs require a permit. But only if they are guilty, two violations within a period of two years bist.Während the owner does not have a permit, it has not been convicted of two or more violations not. The ordinance took effect in October for Leon County. —————————————– ————————————————– — Leon County, FL – 2 February 2012-neighbors on Wide Road in Leon County say they have enough coming from the smells and constant barking of one of the houses there. “It’s just pure misery living on the street next to this lady,” said David McCranie, a neighbor . Wide Road neighbors say they’ve dealt with this since years.The constant barking and the smell will tell from this house will be overrun by neighbors dogs. “The smell, constantly every day, especially when it rains, the noise the little beeper she has over there in itself, trying to keep the dogs quiet, “says Brandon McCranie.Animal Control Officers responded to repeated complaints and went to the home of Christine Winckelmann.” barking dogs or some aggressive action in itself with inner hearing and were concerned about the welfare of the dogs, “said Richard Ziegler of Leon County Animal Control.Sie saw the property itself. But there was no evidence of abuse of neglect of the more than 50 dogs animal control says are living on the property. “Many of the animals look really good. There is water. Food buckets were empty, but the person just come home,” says Ziegler.Animal control did issue two citations to Winckelmann for barking dogs. But neighbors say they want to see more done. “I want to see these dogs out of here. They are not people friendly,” says Brandon McCranie.Animal Control says Winckelmann, was cited for loose dogs before and inhumane care . Winckelmann, declined to comment ab.Winckelmann civil court will head to treat the quotes. A court date was not at that time festgelegt.Neueste Comments Written by on 10 black February 2012 at 18:54 UhrLeon County still another circle is written instead of what some non-profit means any act defined by: Another neighbor Location: Wide Road on 10 February 2012 at 5.58Gestern asked Mr. Z is the number of dogs on property Winkelmans … (At one point there were nearly 100 dogs on their property) … Mr. Z said that they have not come up w / a total number and told us he would call us and let us know …. says Mr. Z … How many dogs does the miser have on their property? We look forward to hearing from you Posted by: Anonymous on 10 February 2012 at 5.47Glauben you not everything that is reported. WCTV syas “Animal Control” over 50 countries, but try as twice as high, you almost 100.Klicken here to publish or read all 233 comments …….. Item 2) …. Florida arrests. Org …. … FLORIDA Mugshots / Christine Winckelmann … 05/18/2003 ……. Item 3) ….. Leon County Property Apprasier … Parcel ID: 461 015 B0140Bert Hartsfield, CFA / ACCT.CFM? ACCOUNT = 461 015 + + B0140 owner (s): Winckelmann Christine L. ..

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