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Sputnik Monroe – Memphis, Tennessee … He was in Cafe Negro (January 1960) … Article 2c .. Chris Rock – That train is never late (Niggaz and Jews are next) …
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Monroe was in the city court of Russell B. Sugarmon Jr., Negro lawyer who ran for the city commission in August last year vertreten.Nach court said judges City Boushe he can remember it as the first time that a white man in City Court was represented by an attorney negro ………. ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……… An old lady called me a “nigger-lovin ‘son of a bitch”, and that’s really blown up, and if we in the — Arena — got the TV studio had grandstand on one side and curtains on the other side of the ring, and I would open the curtains and act like me kissin ‘was the little black guy and the old lady holy would only increase security Hölle.Und finally told her that if she swear, he would have put it, and she always says. “What he’s really, by God, is a damn Sputnik” Sputnik had just woken up, I did not know what the hell. And everyone took it the announcer and commentator called me “Sputnik” on TV in my first game in Mobile, and then each picked up “Sputnik”, as you know, it’s a big deal was. But eventually, maybe a month later, I found out that it was Russia had beat us into space with a “Sputnik”. And my second first name, Monroe, fit right in there. “.. Item 1 …..) …. Saturday 29 January, 2011 … Sputnik Monroe / Sports News & 647 649 (1961). / Sputnik Monroe-sports-ne … His father’s name was – Sputnik was born in Dodge City as Rocco Monroe Merrick just before the Great Depression in my beautiful home state of Kansas I have also seen his last name as specified DiGrazio, but from an interview with I understand that a DiGrazio name was also in his line that he used on the marine application so that he could get used to. Dodge City was once known as the city of evil in all of the West known and apparently his family lived up to the rough-and-tumble connotations, as Sputnik mother’s father, Andrew Jackson GoSee a bare-knuckle was boxing champion. Just two months before his birth, Sputnik father was in a plane crash, which I pretty much destroyed his mother on the floor, and Monroe spent his formative years to collect his life between grandparents. Gosee chose Rocco only one of his grandchildren, he would train as a boxer and taught him the sweet science when he was only five years old. His mother remarried when he was a teenager, and the family moved to Wichita. His stepfather officially him at the age of 17 (the year he joined the Navy) is accepted, Sputnik took his stepfather’s surname Brumbaugh.’s 9th grade Sputnik entered the wrestling team because there were not many Boxers around and perhaps because he had met wrestler at his local YMCA and admired their fancy clothes, big cars and hot Mädels.Bei Sputnik and a friend visited a carnival in Wichita, Monroe learned he could earn $ 5 when, in the ring with the massive carnival wrestler (Bill Ely) could remain for 5 minutes, and his buddy persuaded him the challenge. Monroe was small and fast compared to Ely and quickly plunged him leg and cross-blocking his arm for the submission victory . It made an impression on the promoter, who are forced to pay it was., this promoter, Jack Nazworthy that Monroe was a very tough guy himself remarks, ran a successful line of “athletic shows,” in the long tradition of carnival, where wrestling show Wrestlers brands would fight from the crowd and also staged plants absorb or talk trash on the Gaffer to stir up business. Nazworthy convinced Monroe to stay at the carnival, but warned that if he lost whatever he could just pack up and move his things. would fight many of the techniques of self-presentation and catch as catch can type in this carnival shows the foundation for what would be struggling, as we in the 20th century (The Golddust trio I wrote about a few posts back, a know-mover in this process), and where Sputnik would learn to talk the talk and its techniques to manipulate the audience and really hard, loud-mouthed mofo he was claiming that he never lost a game in his five years as a carny fighter with up to 30 battles in one day. He had to work in a 40×60 tent, no chairs, so that the amount would be inflated up to 16×16 ring, and when the wrestlers have to close to the ropes and the crowd did not like what was going on, they would burn the wrestler with cigarettes. Monroe sometimes offend a guy to get his girlfriend to him in the ring, or even hit a guy to stir the action. “Marks” (the locals) often the referee for such encounters and would not count out their friends, so that the wrestlers hung submissions for the Carnival Victory. By Ron Gordon’s 2001 book, he came from Memphis, “I’m in the sports carnival show started, which all comers” (Monroe ) explains. It was almost a half-century ago, when half a sawbuck and much machismo you could five minutes in the ring with the big man and a chance at fifty dollars. “Who wants to do their thing, but they want it” he says. “shovel I had fights, fights rope, pickaxe handle fights, wrestled, boxed, hand tied, whatever was their specialty. Once I had a guy turn his back on me and hook through my head, and I realized he’d seen something on TV and wanted to turn my back. So I let it fly-mare me. I got up and staggered around, and had it back to me. The people cheered and he did it again. And he did it again, and he did it again and then he threw up and fell over. I never let anyone out of there a winner. “In an interview with NPR, Sputnik recalls,” I took knife away from guys and cut them on the arm. I had a babbling, crying like a baby because I just dragged it slowly across his throat. It was a pretty sharp knife, they cut him a little. Scared the piss out of it. “I can only imagine the kinds of servants and bullies he fought for Kansas and the Midwest at the time. Would it had an incredible amount of confidence, but Sputnik it in spades and enjoyed a good fight, in or out of the ring and this and the contacts that he would make with other wrestlers and promoters in the region, which prepared him for his wrestling career and a lifetime indignation masses. doing so, he went from one a 170-pounder when he Navy, the left to a hardened fighter ready for the professional ring. There is a nice article about how this sport is run and creates a feeling from city to city on the bottom of the page here at www.1wrestlinglegends. com . Monroe began his career as Pretty Boy Roque (such as” Rocky “sounded like rock and rock dad were names that friends and family called him) when Gorgeous George a copycat named Mel Peters was injured and Monroe bought his wardrobe. Pretty Boy Roque wrestled to the maps of the area of ​​Kansas in places such as Topeka, Salina, Dodge City, Wichita and St. Louis to work for competing operators Orville Brown and Max Bowman, going from territory to territory every six to eight weeks His hair was curled, and he played the Hollywood dandy in an all-pink get-up for NPR, this time, Monroe recalls.. “I’ve arrested in time. It was 1951, I had long hair, pink tights, pink shoes. I helped set up the Ferris wheel, and a lady called to complain was a woman without bra on the Ferris wheel there. The police came and I had long hair. You know what to do with long hair in 1951? Every time you keep the car you have a fight. Whenever you fight, you want to just stop the car. No one had long hair (laughs). “(BTW I would love to see photos of Monroe earlier mark, if anyone out there has got any). Monroe went from St. Louis to Toronto still as Pretty Boy and then to Louisville, where promoter Frank McKenna thought he looked like Elvis and gave him a new name, Elvis Rock Monroe, who I believe played Sputnik as a babyface. An alternative story is that Sputnik picked this name as after a stint at the Louisville fairgrounds as a decoy for Elvis. After a concert, would Monroe Elvis is dressed and run to a waiting limousine, while lady screaming fans chased him to flee limo while the real Elvis would sneak another way. According to St. Louis and Louisville, Monroe would time in Toronto to spend then Minneapolis, then Salt Lake City then Seattle (wrestlers were really on the move in those days from town to town, while there is interest), and somewhere in there he caught the chair on the head in Chicago, which it would be a deep splinter caused by an infection that silver strip on the left, where the wound healing followed. During the late 60s, the strip began to turn to a yellow color and Sputnik would fade to keep his trademark Look.Aus Seattle on a cross-country trip to Mobile, Alabama, Monroe took a black hitchhiker him to help the would earn in a day would drive him the nickname he used for the rest of his career. In an NPR interview, he described the situation, “I pooped in Greenwood, Mississippi. I could not drive anymore, and I pulled into the station. It was a little guy there, a little black man with a suitcase in Citronelle, Alabama. So I asked him if he could drive, and he said yes. And I said, okay, drive me to channel 2, the TV station and after it is over and I woke up, we go rock and roll with the ladies on the street. “In an interview on, it is an extended version of the story, which is the best, I heard him say that he had,” No one was in an area, as it did later, as I already did in Memphis, I was there for a year – probably fifteen or sixteen months. But to Salt Lake I was in Seattle, I went from Seattle to Mobile, Alabama, and I pooped out. I have to be there on Thursday on Saturday, and I drove as far as I could go, and then I would sleep, and then I would go, and then I would sleep. And I finally know where I was — I had a thermos of coffee, and I would get out and walk around the car, and then back in and drink a little coffee and go on down the road a little further, sometimes 8 or 10 miles before I bekommen.Und when I came back to the nodding Greenwood, Mississippi, I was really out of plumb, and there was a small black guy hitchhikin ‘, and I asked if he can drive, and he said, “yes,” and I said “okay,” and I told him to be careful because I’m a wrestler and I’ll break your legs when you get wild. So he had to take care of business, and I’m going to take a nap. So he drove me to the TV studio, mobile, and that’s where I called the old lady name bekam.Eine me a “nigger-lovin ‘son of a bitch”, and that’s really blown up, and if we in the — Arena — got the TV studio had grandstand on one side and curtains on the other side of the ring, and I would open the curtains and act like me kissin ‘was the little black guy and the old lady holy would only increase security Hölle.Und finally told her that if she swear, he would have put it, and she always says. “What he’s really, by God, is a damn Sputnik” Sputnik had just woken up, I did not know what the hell. And everyone took it the announcer and commentator called me “Sputnik” on TV in my first game in Mobile, and then each picked up “Sputnik”, as you know, it’s a big deal was. But eventually, maybe a month later, I found out that it was Russia had beat us into space with a “Sputnik”. And my second first name, Monroe, fit right in there. “I love this story. How to pick up a lot of white guys would a black pickup these days in the first place? And I love the stories of these old grannies who go to a wrestling match and all would worked but probably work perfectly polite to the rest of the week . these dirty wrestler had the courage to have his arm around a black man, and here in the midst of the Cold War hysteria, the worst thing they can think of to call him was a damn communist. Monroe And the label took as his own, a slap in the face to America, a bizarre-looking satellite blasted into the stratosphere, far out in space, freaking out an entire nation. Madnesses reaction Sputnik got here as a man with the courage to kiss a black man on the cheek and gave him direction a powerful tool for maddening southern audience, and when Buddy Fuller, promoter and wrestler, who ran Alabama area, bought the Memphis area, he brought with him and Monroe went immediately to stir up shit by developing a relationship with the black community. Sure, it was a big part of self-promotion in this, but there is no doubt that Sputnik was always a rebel and identified with the underdog. A relationship with a black nanny in Kansas could have played a role, too. Sputnik says of her: “I grew up with a nanny. She had the patience of God, an old lady, the color was simply outstanding. And I thought, `Boy, what a great people,” you know? “Just as soon as he came to Memphis, Sputnik headed down to Beale Street, where blacks came from all over the south to party. Monroe recalls: “When I arrived in Memphis, I went straight to Beale Street, where the blacks and from there go directly to jail … They charged me with ‘attempted mopery and gawk,” which is an old southern vagrancy, which made it up. I was on Beale Street every night for the first six months. I have arrested three or four times until no longer work and the police left me alone “The University of Memphis Wrestling special collection has some items from the paper when this happened, that host. …. ………………………. img code photo … Wrestler Monroe fine: he was in Cafe Negro / view.php? ju8zuw pic = & s = 7 …… ………………………………………….. img code photo … ……. owner of Cafe Negro warned … After the arrest of 2 White Men / view.php? vgl7pz pic = & s = 7 . Monroe police arrested rock Brumbraugh (Sputnik), 27, and Clinton M. Hickmon, 27, in a negro tavern is at 327 Beale John Brown. Brown denied today that the wrestlers had sold beer, they said to give input to promote and passports, the wrestling …………… ……………… I can imagine the shock on the judge’s face when Monroe went with a black lawyer, the idea of ​​a white man by a black defends husband has contemptuously and insanely have (would go Sugarmon to a general sessions judge and is now retired) In the dedication article in the local newspaper after Sputnik death Sugarmon says. “In those days, Beale Street was separated, but he would go to the restaurants and bars and drinking with people. And one night the police ordered him out, and they would not go, so they arrested him. He called me and I got it dismissed, and we were friendly with each other off and on again. “Billy Wicks, Sputnik’s main opponent in Memphis at the time, recalls:” He was … kiss little black babies, and things like this that was not accepted. He liked the challenge of doing certain things society and culture did not want to do it. He would do it his way. “Or as Jim Dickinson says it:” Ignore the people in Memphis like to know what was going on, and Sputnik would not let her do … Elvis was just what it means Sputnik was verbalize it and talking about it. And you were not accepted in any case to do that. “He and a black friend went to Dillards and refused to pull their Homburg and let the guests know that every effort would mean a fight with Sputnik Nobody took him up on it wrestling fan Jim seller says:..” Sputnik decided with a group of people, the way there were, but had no one to determine the champion. So he says, ‘Hey’ – and it was a kind of `He’s our man” thing “Although Memphis then allegedly lifted racial segregation, to the wrestling matches at Ellis Auditorium blacks were still forced to sit in one. area referred to as the “crow’s nest” and that is the amount that Sputnik Sputnik played and gekämpft.Pre-Ellis was in a SAG with an average of perhaps 300 patrons, but Monroe has changed all that and packed them into the seats. Before games, Sputnik would go to Beale and hand coupons for discounted entry to his black fans, and the whites of Memphis have been clamoring to see this cock a good ass-kicking. If Monroe entered the auditorium, he would not even look at the crowd around him, booing him and baying for blood. Finally, the boos were going to die off, and Sputnik would raise both hands in the air, and his black fans in the nosebleed section, which had been quiet through all whites “boos would go. When he was victorious in adulation wild or strutted with an opponent down to the mat, he had to play to that audience, and they loved him for it. Guston Davis says of those days, “You could yell and scream the whole neighborhood while wrestling was going to hear. And at the time, you thought he was defeated, he was, he was not going to get up again, you were sitting there, like, staring at the TV. And he would jump up and he had shaken his head as the Three Stooges doing, and he had both legs stiffen and he would walk that Sputnik to do, and, hey, it was on, man. After the struggle was over, that’s what we did. We went outside and they were all just struggling, while the Sputnik foot, you know, doing that thing. “But Sputnik was not satisfied and uses devious means to direct and then stop segregation in Ellis. Jim Dickinson explains in It Came From Memphis,” The way that they would cut off the black audience … they had a guy counting the white door and a man on the black door. And they knew could hold as many black section. Sputnik paid the guy who counted the blacks to say, a small number each time he was asked, so when the boss said, “How many of you have let” he would say: “Twenty-five, or whatever, and there were five hundred people up there Finally, the crowd got so big and so strong that they had black to integrate the seating That’s really how integration in Memphis started.. . There is no other single even that integrates the audience to lie other than the wrestling matches and Sputnik pay the guy. “When the organizers of what was going on and caught objected, Sputnik threatened to leave. From the Commercial Appeal “[Sputnik] carried the big stick, because he drew so huge,” says famous wrestling manager Jimmy Hart, then a teenager selling Cokes in the crowd, “And he went to the promoters and said if these people can not in and sit with everyone else then I’m out of here. they could not afford to refuse him. “Ellis after he built it for desegregation caused waves throughout Memphis society fighting. If black leaders have come together to figure out how a car show that was for whites only protest, Sputnik called the sponsoring dealership and told them thanks for their attitude, he would open up a black-only car business and a killing. That night the evening news announced that all were to be allowed now welcome at the show. Judge Sugarmon claims that Monroe’s booth at Ellis a domino effect had in the integration of other aspects of Memphis life: “I remember to me, try to go to the theater with my wife, and we have at the box office, and they would do not sell us tickets, the committees who worked on things said. “Well, we have to integrate these things slowly, we do not want the unwashed masses excited.” And we said, “Well, the unwashed games are getting along quite well sit next to each other on the wrestling “Blacks in Memphis today to remember Sputnik and give it a special place in the history of the movement Fanny Gardner says.!” He was the chosen one, you know, so that none of the day or in what year or at what time, who will be the one to step out, and I think with his heart, you know knows – he was a good man, you know, a gentle person, even though a lot of people were afraid of him . He had to bring only one way out someone to pave the way for other people. “From the memorial article in the Commercial Appeal,” Just last year we have Downtown were, and [Sputnik] wanted to Beale Street to go, “said Monroe’s friend, longtime Memphis DJ and TV personality Johnny Dark recalls.” And we parked at the Peabody Place and went, and on the way down, there are at least four young black kids walked up to him and hugged him and told him that her parents had growing up his picture on the wall of their house, they knew who he was and what he .. . [Years after Sputnik heyday], when Johnny Dark, a disc jockey in Louisville and Monroe was in wrestling was done, the two went after one of Monroe’s encounters. Dark recalls: “The black lady walked up to him with tears in her eyes and said,” You do not know me, but I used to live in Memphis, and I just wish that you always thank us for this buzzard seats in Ellis Auditorium, “And I saw it in this big 230-pound man,” says Dark, “and he had tears in his eyes as well.” But it was not only the blacks who were the fans of Monroe, he had many young rock ‘n’ rollers who came to his anti-authoritarian ways and message of inclusion and appreciate. More of It Came From Memphis, “You’re talking about separate water fountains, you’re talking about back of the bus,” said Jim Blake, the wrestler Jerry Lawler managed in the 1970s, and their records Barbarian several heroes of the ring. “I went through my entire 12 years in the school who have never been able to share an experience with a black, and I began to resent this, because I was listening to the radio and Dewey Phillips and hear all these big black plates and realizing that these were some talented artists, this Sputnik shock was a different culture. Where we first got to see the matches of hope left, we began to realize that he damn cool. He had his audience and he played never on ’em, never talked down to’ em. He was a role model. “Sputnik would probably at the thought of himself as a role model and laugh to be called bristles, a do-gooder, but there is no doubt of its popularity at the time in Memphis. “If you would have had some kind of election, who was the most famous face in Memphis at the time – Sputnik, Elvis, and the mayor – Sputnik would be very close to Elvis,” says Johnny Dark.Auf the height of the popularity of Sputnik, he wrestled in a title match against Billy Wicks at Russ Wood Park with rocks Marciano was a referee with 20,000 fans in attendance. The wrestlers were paid 0 each, and the winner got a Cadillac. The story on the front page of The Commercial Appeal, and I gather, the game ended with Marciano feeling the need to Sputnik and knock out the victory and Caddy will Wicks. Sometime during the day, Monroe says he was surfing on hands over the huge amount ………. Article 2a) …. youtube video … Chris Rock – Never Scared full … 38:54 minutes Foisel Al ShamaliVeröffentlicht 13 January 2013Chris Rock – Never Scared full full SHOW HBOsehr funny people Category Blog & License Standard YouTube License … Product 2b …..) …. youtube video … Chris Rock Never Scared Parte 2 Sub Español … 14:34 minutes … (Timeline 0:23 … niggaz and Jews are next) … juan RuaVeröffentlicht 21 February 2013Keine description vorhanden.KategorieLeute Blog & License Standard YouTube License …….. Article 2c) …. youtube video … This train is never late … 58 seconds 8 redblackredblackredHochgeladen August 2010Chris Rock: But you see these strange white guys getting overly patriotic, and they have their damn flag hats and their flag drawers and their flag pick-ups.Chris Rock: I am an American man, I’m an American, fuck all these damned foreigners. I’m American, I’m American Chris Rock: And, hey, calm the fuck down! And it was a lot of accepted racism, when the war began. It was accepted. “I am an American man, I’m American. Fuck all these foreigners!” And that was cool. “I am an American man, I’m American. Fuck the French!” That was cool. “I am an American man, I’m American. Fuck all these Arabs,” and that was cool. Then they went to “I am an American man, I’m American. Fuck all these illegal aliens!” Then I started to listen. Because I know niggas and Jews is next. It’s like every day now. This train is never too spät.KategorieComedyLizenzStandard YouTube License ….

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