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Question by : i want a job but my mom …..?
i am 16 years old and a junior in highschool. i have A/B honor roll grades. I wanted to start working that way i can become more independent and not have to rely on my parents as much as i do now. When i ask for things, my mom constantly says “if you had a job.. blah blah blah” “well when you start working.. blah blah blah” and okay i get it, i do ask for a lot and i have expensive taste. Though, when i start asking my mom if i can work she always says NO. i dont understand ? dont complain if your not going to let me work . anywho, do you guys know of a way i can convince my mom to finally let me start working like i would like too ?
im so sorry, i put this in the wrong section and im not sure on how to change it .

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Answer by Christine
She is probably worried that it will affect your grades.

Maybe try and find something that is only a couple of hours a week to start with to. Prove that you can do it, or sign up for some short term volunteer work. Show her that you can do that well without having any problems in school and she may be more inclined to let you do more.

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