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Job Working At Home

Question by Spring: Are there any online/work from home health care related jobs?
Any work from home or online jobs in the field of medicine?

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Answer by Pandas4me
This is from the Better Business Bureau:
Recognizing a Work at Home Scam
Avoid falling victim to a work at home scam by recognizing the following warning signs in job advertisements:
• Boasts no experience necessary
• Promises easy money and huge part-time earnings
• Promotes having “inside” business information
• Asks you to purchase products or instructions before getting “hired”
Outcomes of a Work at Home Scam
Protect yourself from tempting work-at-home promotions that offer exaggerated benefits by being informed of the outcomes. The outcomes of work at home scams include: a waste of money, time, reputation, and morale.
Victims of work at home scams have reported losses ranging from $ 10 to $ 70,000. Although the money loss may be recovered, the countless hours that you spend on unfruitful projects can’t. You may also end up selling nonexistent services and poor products to your customers, making yourself vulnerable to charges of fraudulent practices.
Types of Work at Home Scams
• Assembly Jobs: Involves investing hundreds of dollars to buy instructions and materials to produce crafts and signs for a potential company. After producing the products, the company may refuse to buy your products because it doesn’t meet their standards.
• Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Requires you to recruit new people to sell a scammer’s products or services. You often end up making close to nothing when the direct sales system crashes.
• Stuffing Envelopes: Tricks people into believing they can make $ 3 or $ 4 per envelope they stuff. If you apply, you may end up receiving promotional material asking you to buy instructions on how to get rich quick. The instruction will show you how to post similar job ads for stuffing envelopes.
• Online Businesses: Advertises how you can start your own online business and start making money fast. If you apply you will be asked to purchase a pointless guide to work-at-home jobs.
• Processing Claims: Deceives you into thinking that you can make hundreds of dollars a week by processing insurance claims for health care providers. Asks you to pay for training and to buy equipment and software in order to get started.
The best way to protect yourself from work at home scams is by not applying and staying informed of the outcomes. Remember there’s no easy way to make money. Every start up business and career requires hard work, resources, and luck.

The Truth Behind Nigerian Scams
• Emerged in the early 1980s under consecutive governments of Nigeria.
• Constitutes the 3rd to the 5th largest industry in Nigeria.
• May be also referred to as an advanced fee fraud, 419 fraud, The Nigerian Connection, and 419 – a section of the criminal code of Nigeria
• Authorities often don’t recover the cash raked in from victims.
• Perpetrators are often West Africans, predominantly Nigerians, who work from Nigeria and abroad.
• Nigerian scams remain a confidence fraud, not a cyber crime, tapping into all avenues of communications.
How Nigerian Scams Work
The potential victim of a Nigerian scam receives a letter via spam, fax, or mail. The letter requests the recipient to aid in laundering money out of the country or another illegal job in return for a huge sum of money. Many variations of the Nigerian scam letter exists, but most request a small amount of money to help transfer an incredible amount of wealth in return for a substantial monetary award.
However, if the recipient chooses to pay the upfront fee to help transfer the money. The recipient will often receive another request for a transfer fee with a promise of even more cash. This continues until the recipient runs out of money or the scammer moves on to fresh bait.
Some scammers may even request your personal information, like your bank account or credit card number, so they can transfer the non-existent cash award to you, making it important to know that whenever you give your personal information online or over the phone you open yourself to the possibilities of falling victim to identity theft, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, internet fraud, and more scams. So, take the extra step to protect your personal information and discard Nigerian scam letters and other unsolicited emails, services, and requests.
Recipients of Nigerian Scams
If you receive a Nigerian scam letter through any means of communication, you should do the following:
• Discard the letter and don’t respond
• Post a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) or
• File a complaint to the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) at, if you’ve lost money
• Write a letter to the email provider of the scammer at the abuse address, if you received the scam through your free email provider. Remember to include the letter you’ve received plus its headers and subject line in the complaint.

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مهن نسائية خلف الجدران
Job Working At Home
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Job Working At Home