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question of Ozzy B : What have home recording for vinyl records that people have in the 1960s
What home recording systems did they have in the 1960s for recording vinyl records How did they record Vinyl records at home? Was this a common Best Answer:

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you can not record at home. You just walked into a store and bought what you wanted. If you needed to shoot, then you would have to find a recording studio, and pay $ $ $ . Reel to reel tape exists, but most people do not have. Serious people want to capture probably because gewöhnt.Kassette was the first medium that almost every record to leave behind.

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Standing with Israel Today – How Israel at such a dark time (August 21, 2011/21 Av 5771) … Point 2 help .. Bulgaria explosion: “Suicide Bomber” Israelis killed (19 July 2012) …
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“I was on the bus and we had just as if after a few seconds we heard a really loud explosion was,” Gal Malka told Israel Army Radio. “The whole bus burst into flames,” she said, adding, that the explosion took place near the front side of the bus ………. ***** All images are by their respective authors ……… Then on 18 August 2011 escalated the terror. More than a dozen terrorists, originally from Gaza bear some Egyptian army uniforms, went to an Egyptian police checkpoint, Israel came out of Egypt and started murdering Israelis. (It seems their goal was to kidnap, echoing the 2006 abduction of 18-year-old Israeli Gilad Shalit, who is still in captivity.) Seven Israelis died in the attack …….. Pos) 1 …. … Standing with Israel Today … Like Israel in such a dark time to helfen.August 21, 2011/21 Av rel=”nofollow”> 5771von Yvette Alt Miller We have been that way. For every exciting world event, there is always a unique “Jewish” Einfluss.Die euphoria of the “Arab Spring” of 2011 is no exception. While the world watched and cheered as the men began against the dictators in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and other countries encouraged new activists cutting Egypt’s gas pipelines to Israel, cutting off the power supply for the Jewish Staat.Dann on 18 August 2011 escalated the terror. More than a dozen terrorists, originally from Gaza bear some Egyptian army uniforms, went to an Egyptian police checkpoint, Israel came out of Egypt and started murdering Israelis. (It seems their goal was to kidnap, echoing the 2006 abduction of 18-year-old Israeli Gilad Shalit, who is still in captivity.) Seven Israelis died in the Angriff.Ägypten and Gaza have exploded in anger at Israel. The immediate causes are the actions that Israel has taken to defend its citizens. (In the ensuing battle on the Egyptian border, three Egyptian policemen were killed, and in Israel, the subsequent bombing of terrorist sites in Gaza after Hamas killed 10 terrorists and two bystanders.) But the outpouring of anger speaks to a deeper, long-seated hatred on the Jewish state. (Egypt is, after all, the country where the smash hit “I Hate Israel” by the Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim was a favorite song of the last decade.) In Egypt, people began to burn in the center of Cairo, Israeli flags and shouting : “Death to Israel.” The Cabinet Committee governs Egypt now announced its intention to withdraw Egypt’s ambassador from Israel. And compete Egyptian presidential candidate, mutually übertreffen.Inzwischen in condemning the Jewish state, Hamas has unleashed a flurry of attacks on Israeli towns from the Gaza Strip. More than 80 rockets fired from Gaza landed in Israel on the day after the attack on the Egyptian border. An Israeli infant, a 9-year-old boy and others were injured when their house was hit in the city of Ofakim. Boys to study at a yeshiva in Ashdod were wounded, was taken as their school. And 38-year-old Yossi Shoshan was killed in Be’er Sheva, as he drove home to check his pregnant wife while the large Israeli city was flooded with rockets. —– How to Help This is a dark time for Israel and its supporters. How should we deal with Israel now? What can we do? Here are seven ideas to connect with Israel today, both practically and spiritually. Try to focus on a proposal every day for a week associated with the Jewish Staat.Ein. Do a MizwaEs a strong mystical belief in Judaism is that we state our national protection, increase by Jewish commandments. Resolve to take an additional mitzvah today. You might want to experiment with kosher or light Shabbat Kerzen.2. Study some TorahJuden undertake traditionally, to learn some of the Torah in order to strengthen our connection. Make a decision today to read a specially-Jewish themes work this week, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel, and in memory of those who gestorben.3 in terrorist attacks. Stay informed many news agencies try to reporting sensational news in ways that make it hard to figure out what’s really going to compete. Stay informed by. Some Israeli news sources in your reading ( , , Also keep in mind out for unbalanced or biased reporting on sites like .4. Find a connection to Israel in Israel itself is such a diverse, exciting place, it’s a way for everyone to connect. If you are an art lover, be sure to Israeli museums on the Internet. For sports, start cheering for an Israeli team. With social networking sites, so that connections with people in Israel is as easy as a mouse click, and can reward, long-lasting friendships and a sense of kinship with the Jewish state führen.5. E-mail your political representatives get to know the names and e-mail address of the politicians that you put in your local and national politics. Contact them to tell you how you feel. If Israel is important to them, let them know. You do not know all the ins and outs of the pending legislation, just let your representative know that you kümmern.6 to the Jewish state. Say a prayer Jews have always turned to prayer in times of danger. You can recite prayers in your own words, or experiment with more formal prayers. (Many people recite psalms in difficult times;. Psalm 119 is one that many people specifically recite in times of danger) Alternatively, you can create your own prayer and have it in the Western Wall, the remnant of our ancient Temple in Jerusalem brought. It can be exciting to know that your own prayer .7 in such a holy place. Give yourself donate your time to a Jewish cause. Bring your efforts to help the Jewish community. Pledge tzedakah to help a Jewish or Israeli charity, a better place. The world In Judaism we are to our community and our world a better place, is one of the most profound way to connect. Especially if we are concerned about Israel, about our fellow Jews concerned, this is a good way to introduce a little light into the darkness of the current events ……… Item 2) …. BBC News … / news … 19th July 2012 Last updated at 07:20 ET Updated bulgaria explosion: “Suicide bombers” killed Israelis The bombing of an Israeli bus in eastern Bulgaria was probably written by a male suicide bomber carried out bomber with fake U.S. documents, officials say ……… ………………………….. img code photo … / _61679771_616 … Jon Donnison in Jerusalem, uninjured survivors of the attack says to Israel was again ………………………….. At least seven people died …….. and 34 were injured when the bus exploded at Burgas airport, through the Black Meer.Israel aircraft Burgas sent with doctors and officials to bring back the dead, and Defense Minister Ehud Verletzten.Israelische Barak said Lebanon’s Hezbollah was the direct perpetrator, Schirmherrschaft.Fünf tourists died in Iran together with the Bulgarian bus driver and the suspected assassins. Israeli officials had said sixth died overnight, but this was corrected later …………………………….. Related Stories … .. In pictures: Attack episodes … Who is behind Israel’s embassy attacks? … Israel fears a nuclear Iran ……………………………… The BBC Jon Donnison, in Jerusalem says the attack is part of a covert but fierce war between Israel and Iran could, and there is a view among some analysts that the attack could be a response to a series of recent attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists. “All the characters in the “to lead Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement on Wednesday. “Israel will respond forcefully Iranian terror.” ………………………………… AnalyseYolande …….. KnellBBCNews, Jerusalem … Israeli newspapers show a dramatic photo of the tourist bus in flames, the injured covered in blood and shocked Israeli vacationers. “Terror on Vacation” is the headline of Israel Hayom, while Yedioth Ahronoth, “Target: Israelis”. A column in the daily Maariv whether this is “Iranian Revenge” …. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to show the finger at arch-enemy Israel. He also claimed that it was the last in a series of Iranian attempts to harm Israelis and Jews abroad – in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya, Cyprus, and other places …. Other Israeli officials have made some links to Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Shiite militant group in Lebanon …. Iran’s state television has rejected accusations Tehran participation. However, this bombing is intended to refer to escalate into a shadow war with Israel. The Iranians blame Israel for the assassination of several scientists associated with its controversial nuclear program …………………………….. ……… Mr. Barak said the attack was similar to several recent attempted attack on Israeli targets in India, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Kenya and Zypern.Aber he said that he did not think there was a specific prior information that the attack was imminent. —– ‘Distressed Massen’Das Israeli Foreign Ministry said the bus carrying tourists from a charter flight, said the BBC from Israel kamen.Die Chris Morris, in Sofia, a Bulgarian official has told the BBC that CCTV footage from the airport, hang a Caucasian male for a long time in the airport terminal building before the explosion took place shows. The man is seen leaving the terminal just before the explosion happened something außerhalb.Die investigators are on the theory that this man the bomber is working, the official said Beamte.Israelische said passengers climbed from a Tel Aviv-Bourgas flight short bus clock after 17:00 local time (14:00 GMT) on Wednesday. “I was on the bus and we had just as if after a few seconds we heard a really loud explosion was,” Gal Malka told Israel Army Radio. “The whole bus went up in flames,” she said, adding that the explosion took place near the front of Busses.Bulgarische Dobromir Dovkacharov journalist who arrived at the scene about 30 minutes after the explosion, said: “I saw three buses completely burned – only the metal bars left waren.Die Bulgarian government has CCTV images of a man suspected of carrying out the attack published “There were masses of people all around, very worried. One man said he saw severed heads. Others spoke of body parts flying through the air, “said Mr Dovkacharov sagte.Der suicide bomber is a man with a Michigan-issued U.S. driver’s license may say fake reports have zufolge.Zwei the injured are in serious condition and are in the capital Sofia . geflogen.Israelische forensic teams that help arrived during the night, the bodies came to identifizieren.Mittwoch explosion on the 18th anniversary of the deadly attack on a Jewish community center in Argentina, Iran accuses Israel for the attack – a claim Tehran verweigert.US President Barack Obama described the bombing as a “barbaric act of terrorism”. Meanwhile, former Israeli national security adviser Uzi Arad confirmed on Thursday for the first time that Israel had the Hezbollah chief Imad Mughniyeh in 2008, ermordet.Bezugnehmend on the attack in Burgas He told Israeli Army Radio: “. now is Iran revenge” Bulgaria is a preferred destination for Israelis.Doch in January, there were reports that Israel had asked Bulgaria to travel security for Israeli tourists by bus fest.Vorausgegangen was a reported found a suspicious package on a bus carrying Israeli tourists from Turkey to Bulgaria. —– Are you in Bulgaria? Are you in Burgas? Did you see what happened? Please share your opinions and you Erfahrungen.Senden Your photos and videos to or text them 61124 (UK) or +44 7624 800 100 (International). If you have a large file you can you hochladen.Lesen the terms and conditions … .

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to work like home