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How to make a slight left over recipes for the busy person.
How To Earn Money
Year peak of Barry and gourmet raw
How to make tasty and nutritious meals left over in less than 5 to 10 minutes flat for the busy person? This photo is only available in prescription was less than 10 minutes is good for breakfast, lunch or dinner made and made for 1 or 2 Barry gourmet tips for quick and efficient food preparation recipe for food leftovers? (FLO) Written by Barry Gourmet & Raw © Copyright 16th October 2011Einführung in the recipe-food leftovers: Food for Thought and practical ideas for protecting our environment and planet Earth is hope after reading this article, you can look and think, foods have different then previously thought? And possible to decide that you can implement some of these ideas that I present to you this letter? I’ll left the relevance of this photo of food overs to connect with our environment affect planet Earth today demonstrate. In this special report, I show you how to increase your nutritional status and at the same time as you stretch your food bill will save you money. Tips that are practical and easy to make and cost effective for you. I will also show how our individual eating habits and shopping habits have a direct impact on the health of our planet schaffen.Alle of us sooner or later with this dilemma? What to do with all the left side to do about food? We have many options, hear good and bad, and I will many of them in this article ansprechen.Da everyone has a different taste in food, say with different shopping habits of its fairness, that know not what in my refrigerator and kitchen pantry shelves are the same as what you stored in your werden.Also the recipe and the following ideas to get you as a guide only to give you a few thoughts about how perishable be treated handle, and how you come up with your own ideas for their own individual recipes in creating something from nothing with the left overs. You can look at all the options you have available, no pun intended-überraschen.Rezept ideas to make quick and easy, just by working with the left over food that we all have to have to go eventually. Only once, that think the collected biodegradable waste human food, near the end of the fruit or vegetable natural expiration date? We know that the good guys, such as living food products, do not buy a long shelf life, so we have less of them and unfortunately many people are much more long-term durability of the packaging process dead foods (these are especially bad buy guys), that most of the line food store shelves in these Tagen.Unbewusst consumers feel that by buying a lot of merchandise and food in one go is time, money and gas to escape into their vehicle, but in reality it is perhaps not that the so-ever. Did you know that there are more pollution from World Freight transport and storage, is produced from buying imported food than the pollution caused by cars all around the world is created. This do not feel bad when driving to the store too often on site and in the season to buy products and locally produced processed foods in the country that you live in. I personally think that most imports almost like a luxury item, with a dark page of history to it, that I speak with you in this letter. Just do as I do, if you can do and buy imports less often as a last resort and only in moderation in order to save money on your bill for all foods. In regards to your health it is a fact that all food imports lose up to 40 percent of their nutritional value compared to your seasonal locally produced food. Food from the region are not the same treatment to imports such as irradiation, fumigation, preservatives and genetically modified organisms, GMOs be suspended imposed. In addition much of the imported products are harvested early and took far too precocious and UN to make the long trip overseas möglich.Also basically, if you support your local organic farmers as farmers’ markets, buying into the whole plant foods country where you live, also has the higher organic price in most cases you will save even more from your hard earned currency at the end and the food cleaner and safer comparatively much higher in the Ernährung.Tatsache is, in many cases, the imported processed foods, are subsidized by tax money of the country that the food comes to the price of the locally produced foods in many countries around the world to compete today. But with the cost of packing shipping storage, oil prices and retail mark-ups of imported food will still cost more at the checkout. It all adds up at Ende.Generell methods of organic farming is labor intensive and not subsidized by state tax dollars to such a degree as an agricultural chemical farming. This is attributed to the higher price of organic products, on the conventional farm chemical counterparts reflektieren.Wenn you support your local organic farmers are using your buying power to make a strong statement that includes the following. (1) to protect the upper floor, and the diversity of these farms, natural environment. (2) You give your self more food with which found chemical residues in conventional products. (3) They enrich your garden with safe and clean topsoil compost from organically grown ingredients possible. (4) to protect heirloom seeds natures, which unfortunately are now in danger of extinction over time on the bio-tech industry gebracht.Die a good thing that you can do with your locally produced fruit and vegetables, and unfortunately most people do not think about it too much today, is the entire seed savings that you have. I’m not talking about saving from seeds that you have your garden most of all websites, even if you speak to do so even if you’re lucky enough to have enough space in your garden should have at home. I am instead talking about a more direct approach to saving seeds, add more free food on your table at no extra cost to you. It just takes a little of your free time is set to anything whatever ist.Zunächst required, it is important to buy only organically grown fruits and vegetables for seed saving for the following reasons. This is something they do not want you to know, but it must be said, I like all consumers have a right to know glauben.Die science knows that plants in nature by design, can absorb inorganic minerals by their very extensive root system, and the transformation of minerals into organic minerals bioavailable dietary starches, carbohydrates, plant enzymes, cell-fibers, and the green chlorophyll, above, which together form the cell walls of plants by the stalks, leaves and fruits, flowers and berries. This is the best way for us to preserve our natural resources of food, minerals directly from the plant kingdom and not directly from the ground up rocks or inorganic bedding. The bio tech industry uses this plant delivery system to Gage, and how much of their chemical pesticides or chemicals are used to plant more resistant to pests record is taken up by plant roots. In other words, how much of the pesticide or chemical, the plant is absorbed systemically? Most people are under the false impression that the conventionally grown plant has only a residue of chemicals, only takes a thoroughly rinse bath to wash off the residue, but that is not at all true. Systemic means that the chemical used is actually absorbed by the plants, including the plant cell wall inner parts of the whole plant. This means that the pesticide toxin is actually part of the plant. This is the part that you do not assume to know, so I said, it’s always better to buy organic and locally for their own health and safety. It is believed by many that systemic insecticides which poison pollen and nectar in the flowers, bees and other pollinators need to kill beneficial insects and pollinators kann.Mit out like bees, butterflies and the like, our fruits and vegetables is not exceeded, as is the nature pollinated werden.Es provided to the serious change in the world pesticide use in America is in the developing world. Currently, 75 percent of all pesticides in the world are now used in developing countries, the stakes are rising annually. Of course we know that much of these foods again, the U.S. consumer market wurden.Das problem with exporting the agricultural use of pesticides is the insidious cycle of the pests in resistance and the ability to mutate built, forcing the chemical produces chemicals to even more, that to develop, on average, only about the effectiveness of 2% of the pest extermination. All the sales application of these synthetic chemicals take a heavy toll with drift and leaching into our water supply, and assimilation of fat in our traditional Vieh.Mit the lion’s share of pesticides used today out side the United States, its really amazing that the health and environmental costs of pesticide use a staggering 9.06 billion U.S. dollars per year. This is the damage done by agricultural pesticides, if the reported each year in categories should raise a few eyebrows broken. Public Health to use cost 0.1 billion pesticide resistance in pests 0.5 billion crop losses caused by a pesticide. 4 billion birds to death by pesticides 0.2 billion soil and groundwater contamination $ 2.0 billion Other related costs $ 1.4 billion Grand total annual cost of the U.S. economy is 0.06 billion U.S. DollarDas, whether it be good news for all of this It is a fact today that the organic movement increased in the United States one of the fastest growing sectors of the revenue is essentially every year, so people start to learn their eating habits and I find this development very encouraging for these people . But we have to go a long way, even globally because we poisoning ourselves, our environment, wildlife and their habitat if we support chemically treated products, as consumers are. I am not suggesting that we run out of our whole life food to the packaged processed foods, no way that the last thing you should do is to umarmen.Das best for your health it is to stay on a plant-based diet and support your local organic farmers as much as possible and save the seeds for germination and plant in your garden. The next best thing to make a transition is over, and to adapt to a vegetarian diet even if it sprayed conventionally comprises production. And thirdly, stay away from packaged commercially processed foods as much as possible. I’m not painting a broad brush about the processes of food industry when I buy a few select products that are actually healthy and do well for you and you can find them in some of my recipes. Increase I plan in the near future to give you processed my secret short list of foods that can help reverse heart disease is, your metabolism to lose weight, help in cancer prevention, and give you many other health benefits that you may use in your health program. reference wikipedia / wiki / Pesticide “For the preservation and protection of our planet Earth, our food choices make a difference, “Barry Gourmet & RawUnd second, another thing that we do not assume to know is the way our food in overseas retail markets between the wealthier agricultural chemical companies, and large parts of the Third World agricultural base to be treated. Basically, over the years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, was doing a good job many ban dangerous chemicals from the U.S. market for public safety, which I agree is a good thing. But not in all of these banned chemicals that can cut inventory made easy to lose and start over, which would be completely unacceptable to them. So instead they all their pesticide banned agricultural chemicals ship in less developed countries of the Third World for cash crops, which are in turn exported to the United States consumers for the consumption of their own banned chemical pesticide product that effectively banned skirts to the EPA’s loophole within the United States verhängt.Ein good example, and I’m sure a lot of coffee lovers out there will simply not want to know about it. But the disclosure of this information is important for our health and I believe that all consumers have a right to know! According to reports I read from MSN Health Canada, and show the Rodale Organic Institute in the U.S. studies, that the base number a cash crop for EPA banned imported chemical pesticides, you guest it is coffee. Yes coffee crops are sprayed with overseas known toxins that are on the list of chemicals banned in the United States. And yes, they are carcinogenic and take a serious public health toll on people who do not care themselves.Studies concluded that the cancer is in most cases vermeidbar.Ich know this because I have lived and worked in many countries Third World over the years, especially in Asia, and I have many times in countries such as newspapers found banned chemicals imported agricultural products to local read, should that have been used for the export market statt.Also in view of the facts, It would be in your best interest to buy health and to drink only organic coffee, tag.It even at the higher price is not cheap for the Third World farmers to convert and make a crossing, when the organic field is required by law to lay fallow and unproductive for 3 years before the organic farm sowing and planting, to get the organic label. In Thailand, where I live you can enjoy organic coffee in the hills in the countries in the northern province of Chiang Mai by indigenous hill tribe people who produced historically grown poppy for the golden triangle drug dealing years gewachsen.Ich have for you a free PDF down load that the extent to how much a Third World country is to get it right for the effective application of chemical pesticides enthalten.PDF shows down here … References: Barry’s Gourmet Food Photo remaining ingredients & method: First, before I start listing the ingredients in this picture it is very important to note that to use for me is the best way to store all perishable vegetables to make a plan to treat and would make them part in a tasty and convenient way ist.Ich may order the meal as a salad a soup or stew, a raw pudding or dip, to present a drink of tea, broth or juice, so I haben.Auf options to work with the photo I chose a salad, soup, pudding raw dip, with a broth drink präsentieren.STEW INGREDIENTS: assortment of root vegetables like carrots, beat, and Rübe.Hülsenfrüchte like beans, sprouted mung beans and chickpeas (chickpeas), some brown rice or sprouted wheat berries on the Hand.Einige cherrie Tomate.SUPPE spices for natural flavoring: dried onion and garlic, and pepper würzen.Ich always keep a liquid broth of shiitake mushrooms in jar in my fridge, the soup broth gelagert.Einfach by adding a few dried mushrooms in a glass jar to make, fill it with pure water seal securely with the lid and store in the refrigerator.It holds for a very long time for many days, as I have to add more water as benötigt.Aus this salty taste for the salt-lovers SOLE I use to make a simple WASSER.Leicht pink (it can be any color) piece of Himalayan sea salt crystal, place it in a glass and let the mineral in water to dissolve. Of course, in different parts of different salt concentrations have so experiment for the taste, you suchst.Ihre other option is sea salt, and granulated. For your health, all inorganic salt products should be used sparingly and in moderation, and I’ll explain why this is important and to this point in this Schreiben.Gemüseeintopf METHOD: Pour in your mushroom broth, and add to your liking, dry onion, garlic and pepper. Optional for some people it hot and spicy as I then add some Thai chili powder gefällt.dann taste the broth as it is heated, and then start making your settings. Add some water or brine and sea salt taste, and if you want it just slightly sweet raw honey or maybe something savory tamarind juice? Tamarind is a long thin lumpy, soft but firm fruit with a thin brown skin, which can be easily broken with a knife and fingers. The fruit grows in Southeast Asia and is used in many Thai recipes. Asian stores also sell the raw fruit into different sizes. To the juice or sauce is really simple, just a little into a glass, fill it with clean water, mix it, or you can even mix it and save this wonderful spice in your refrigerator, it keeps for days. Tamarind sauce or juice is delicious and I use it in all kinds of ways to the natural sweet and sour and bitter taste in my food to get. When the broth a little spicy like, you can use a pinch of chili powder and red Thai curry for lovers, you could try a bit of curry powder as well. You can see how flexible I am with you? Because not everyone has the same taste in food and really all of our taste buds are different, even if its subtle. When it comes to food size does not fit all. Add all of your roots if your broth finally get your own taste test, you add all your root vegetables in the broth and cook on low medium heat, not too strong kochen.Ich like my root vegetables is a bit soft on the outside, but a bit crispy on the inside, and make sure before hand that all the pieces as much as possible the same size for even more flavor by aus.Salatmischung: Each salad will do. Includes an assortment of leafy greens, celery, fresh herbs and even a few berries can be used in the salad.Some red peppers, a few nuts and seeds, which everyone in the vicinity. You can even dry fruits soaked in your salad. You see, there are no fixed rules to hear, nothing is carved in stone! You’re the gourmet kitchen of your, and that’s the way I like to imagine many of my recipes can be so that you come with your own creations with my recipe ideas as a guide. I do not think the paint-by-numbers recipes, I think, creative culinary spontaneity, surprises along the way, has finished among the main course is the way to go. But that’s just my protein powder coating: seed is digested better if there are ground dry, take all essential oils and unsaturated fats kann.Eine good method is a dry mill cup that comes with all high quality glass mixer to you nutzen.Legen just the cup on the top of the mixer unit, pour in the selected whole dry seeds always mix you want, such as black and white sesame seeds, flax, chia, pumpkin, even a bit of bee pollen granules are some spicy sweetness of this protein powder give geben.Deckel with the lid on the blender and in no time at all turn have a very powerful home-made protein powder that you can sprinkle on your salad and soup VINIGARETE. mixed for your salad. For most people, a raw salad needs a way to kleiden.Tipp: Sometimes I have to save and reuse some of my old smoothie as a quick dressing, to dress my food overs.Für left the vinaigrette to quickly and easily: One teaspoon of each of the following statements. Cold-pressed apple cider vinegar, fresh lime or lemon juice, honey and raw unfiltered. Optionally, a grated raw garlic. Mix in a bowl and toss your salad. Then sprinkle on your protein powder Oberseite.Rezept tip from Barry & Raw Gourmet: It’s always easier to taste the broth, then at the very first to get the vegetables later in the pot with the vegetables, the taste to get it right wrestle. Also, not all ingredients need to be left over food should be, you can and some fresh into the mix as you gut.Biegen from the heat and let the flavor of the vegetables steep in the broth for 5 Minuten.Bringen a little boiling water Herd.Nun on the liquid broth from the vegetables strain it into your pan into a cup of broth to make your drink and what remains is your vegetable dip Eintopf.Barrys GOURMET: It can indeed go on a simple pudding as a dip or RAW they do! Take the whole avocado and de skin, discard the pit and give using a spoon the green flesh of your mixing bowl. Add a tablespoon of any of the oils that happen to be within range and is available to you. Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin coconut oil, cold pressed linseed oil or any organic as much as possible or stored in glass Metall.Mischen the oil, and season to taste, add the following ingredients. Some diced tomatoes, grated garlic, lemon or lime juice, raw unfiltered honey little, ground pepper and mix and set aside Meersalz.Gut stellen.Für a vegetable topping, I decided to use fresh broccoli florets, so I cut off some parts of the flower and put into pre-boiled water to blanch them.Then I pour a little Kikoman Soy sauce on a plate, then in some mix wasabi or mustard powder and take with pliers each broccoli-outs, and the florets to swish around the bowl with the warm cover and salty sauce. I turn it over and stick them in my avocado dip and topped with savory bee pollen. As your remaining with your friends to share for Two? Of course you can not be alone in the kitchen, when all this stuff going on, and Life is all about sharing, right? An extension of your family will most likely be close, you have all this stuff to us two times helfen.Einige mouths and your furry friend could be right there Johnny on the spot for you with your left overs helfen.Ich I’m talking about your dog, of course, this is a great opportunity to clean house and to bond with best friend Menschen.Hunde are true omnivores (meat and plant) and cats are carnivores more (eat mostly meat), then the cat out of luck diesmal.Um a quick and nutritious meal for your dog furry friend simply as follows vor.Legen make some of your leafy vegetables in your blender and you have some soaked algae of any kind in your fridge Add preserved that some even. Have (Seaweed is full of bioavailable minerals and vitamins that you can not dry enough in commercial dog kibble so go for it.) Seaweed is a super food for humans and dogs, and sea vegetables are woefully lacking in modern agriculture. Kelp is a rich source of essential trace element iodine, which is abundant in that sea vegetables about 5 times more than milk, with all saturated fatty acids hat.Das essential trace element selenium and iodine are mutually supportive cooperation in the body as a co factors, it is important to consume foods rich in selenium and iodine together. For example, only 2 Brazil nuts per day would be more than your RDA of minerals Selen.Jod regulating hormones produced by your thyroid gland located in the neck. Today iodine is in all our iodine (sodium chloride), table salt and many processed foods setzen.Aber now with the high sodium salt intake in Western diets, more cases of high blood pressure, heart disease is on the rise. Seaweed is also high in the mineral sodium with iodine, but its organic in nature with the harmful health effects of inorganic salts produced processed table produced. The consumption of more varieties of algae will help to regulate metabolism, help you to all the excess weight. Seaweed is rich in all minerals for heart health, in which proves iodized salt to do the opposite, should be supported. With some research, we have informed decisions we can make in our lives. Give you some water, add and blend. The reason that I can mix the vegetables and serve them to my dog ​​being hacked is easy. Dogs do not chew their food, how man can be, the dog bite and swallow everything whole experience for digestion in the stomach. Basically, a dog drinking and swallowing, not chewing the food. And the other reason is, many dogs including my own is clever enough to eat vegetables to get the meat first, just to keep you clean up with a bowl of uneaten vegetables lassen.Im unlike people begin to break digestion in the mouth complex carbohydrates with the enzyme amylase, so we break side by side with the flat molars our teeth more proteins and carbohydrates down to chew the production of a food called chimes, which finally gets swallowed. This is how we think about eating, but today with our busy lives quickly paste without sparing time we start, just like our furry friends do eat, and that’s when we starten.Gießen in trouble with our health you the smoothie in the bowl then sprinkle some of the dog in your seed protein powder and mix it well, a very nutritious sauce for your dog to bilden.Ich’m sure we can agree that our dogs need for protein is much larger than are our own, and this is one reason why my dog ​​eats high-quality proteins from human flesh and not the poor quality carbohydrates and proteins can be found in commercially processed dry dog ​​food dry food. Many people take better care of themselves