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question of refry : how does a homeowner relief work if I just bought a house that was a rental property
I close on my house on 28 August, but how does it work with taxes? I will not pay exemption for the remainder of the year or do I have to pay a homeowner exempt for the remainder of the year Best Answer:

Reply pvscholar Do not
the liberation of the rest of the year to pay. If you have another home and have relief, you can no exemption on another property

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Gone Fishin ‘… Article 3 .. For A Florida fishing, “sustainable” Success After complex process – Controversial toothfish (7:35 MON February 11, 2013) … Article 4 .. Swimming with the sharks (Sunday, 4/21/13) …
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First Certified … Day Boat applied for MSC certification in 2010. Say in retrospect that they do not quite understand what they were getting into. The MSC does not certify fisheries themselves, but hired a fishery that wants the name any of the dozen or commercial auditing firms, which can cost up to 0000 or more in order to decide whether the fishing practices comply with the MSC standards … ……. ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……… A “monster” great white shark measuring up to 6 meters long is slipped a popular beach after biting another great white almost in two halves …. MONSTER SHARK .. Article 1 …..) …. youtube video … ! GREAT WHITE MONSTER SHARK BITES IN HALF! … 1.40 Minutes Uploaded on 25 October 2009Ein is “monster” great white shark measuring up to 6 meters long turned a popular beach after biting another great white almost in two Hälften.KategorieTiereLizenzStandard YouTube License …….. Item 2) …. youtube video … ! KILLER WHALE VS GREAT WHITE SHARK! … 3:26 minutes Superfish – California tourist boat … Uploaded 28 November 2009Keine description vorhanden.KategorieTiereLizenzStandard YouTube License … Article 3 …..) …. For A Florida fishing, “sustainable” Success After complex process … WHQR 91.3FM … … Radio Navi … Hearing and seeing. … Under the label: Sustainable Seafood … By Daniel ZWERDLINGUrsprünglich on Tue 12th Published in February 2013 06.27 clock ………………………… img code photo … mediad . / p / shared / NPR / styles / card_wi … Dennis Roseman, left, and Jamie Manganello to pull in a swordfish off the coast of Florida. The Day Boat Seafood company went through a complicated process to zertifiziert.Kreditkarte as a sustainable fishery by the Marine Stewardship Council Chip Litherland for NPR …………………. part three of a three-part series.The long, clunky-looking fishing boat pulls up to the day of the Seafood Boat Dock near Fort Pierce, Florida, after 10 days in the Atlantic. The crew lowers a thick rope into the hold and begins hoisting 300-pound swordfish from their bed of ice and on a slippery metal Maßstab.Als the staff she weighs, spits a computer printer from delivery notes means these fish are better than more than 90 percent of the world caught seafood – at least that’s what an international nonprofit organization, you would say. Each swordfish that Day Boat catches may carry a special label, if it is found in the supermarket that says “certified sustainable fishery.” This label is from the Marine Stewardship Council, which is committed to fishing, not plunder the oceans has to protect and promote it. The MSC says its system has more than one billion worth of seafood certified that say at least 8 percent of the world’s seafood annually Fang.Viele environmentalists, the MSC system is flawed because it has expanded too fast. They say the growing demand for sustainable seafood labeled printing the program for fisheries that do not deserve to zertifizieren.Aber just about everyone NPR talked about Day Boat, including environmentalists and food industry executives alike, said that Day Boat history reflects the good that the MSC system do kann.Die way Day Boat owners tell their story, they decided to go certified through the complicated process of getting mainly because of their large customers, Whole Foods. Co-owners Howie Bubis and Scott Taylor began the supply chain of upscale, shortly after their seafood company gegründet.Sie ​​say in 2006, business was good. But executives at Whole Foods announced that they were going to fish as much as possible to buy the MSC label. “We decided we wanted to keep it for a customer,” says Bubis, “and to do for us, we had to move to a sustainable fishery type.” He and his partners hope that MSC approval would give them a competitive advantage – and Whole Foods maybe they pay more than fishing companies who do not have it — First Boat CertifiedDay applied for MSC certification in 2010.. Say in retrospect that they do not quite understand what they were getting into. The MSC does not certify fisheries themselves, but hired a fishery that wants the name any of the dozen or commercial auditing firms, which can cost up to 0000 or more in order to decide whether the fishing practices with the MSC standards entsprechen.Day Boat hired MRAG Americas, a company that has been listening to a who’s who of governments and international organizations from the USA to New Zealand. Is Bob Trumble, Vice President of MRAG, says his first step is to assemble a team of four specialists ocean, it was included. The MSC requires the auditor each fishery on a checklist of more than 30 products, designed to measure whether the fishery meets the MSC principles punkten.Die three main principles are to ensure: – That the fishing companies do not over fish (that they are not to depleting the population of seafood that they catch with the target) – That the fishing companies other types of life to protect the environment and that each fishery is good managers that track to keep on the latest research results and make their methods, if necessary, to minimize their impact laufen.Trumble says that if MRAG Team evaluates a company, “we do not have the research to us.” Day Boat collected in case they could all studies that find them on swordfish off the Florida coast by the government and academic researchers. How to quickly reproduce the swordfish? As their numbers have changed over the years? Of course, Trumble says researcher can not count all the fish in the sea – they can see the fishing records only a snapshot and then use mathematical models to extrapolieren.MRAG auditor also pored through Day Boat how their practices compared with the rest of the industry. Day Boat owners say they assign an employee to almost full-time for two years to work, only to MRAG with information about versorgen.And Day Boat owners say it was something she had to do more. The MSC rules say, in fact, that when companies apply to be certified to hear them and respond to that someone objects – including other fishing companies and environmentalists — KompromissenIm learning to talk with environmentalists.? Scott Taylor was not too crazy about the part. “The environmentalists would always prefer no fishing,” says Taylor. “That would be their first target that we leave.” “That’s not true,” laughs Shannon Arnold, who was then co-director of the Canada-based Ecology Action Centre. “I eat fish and I enjoy it.” But Ecology Action and several other environmental groups tried to block the request Day Boat. They cited evidence that swordfish boats in Florida accidentally kill endangered Schildkröten.Taylor insisted that Day Boat crews not kill turtles, but he agreed with the environmental groups on the issue negotiations – a big step for a man, who sometimes talks environmentalists with a contemptuous tone. And he ended up promising to vorzunehmen.Taylor changes promised, among other things, that his boats would be a different type of hook that scientists say, kills fewer turtles use. He promised that within five years, which will be certified, Day Boat observers or video cameras would put on all their boats, so the researchers can precisely what the company catch on to study each fishing trip the crew. Environmentalists have been pushing fishing companies to adopt this policy for years, usually in vain. “We could either the clock that we do not let that throw us off course, that we were going to use” Taylor says, “or that we were going to reach across the aisle in a way that was unusual, and truly outrageous.” — praise for Day BoatIm December 2011 announced that MRAG Day Boat could obtain MSC certification. And now, some of the same environmentalists who block the certification Praise Day Boat owners tried. “It’s pretty rare for someone to get out of such a large industry” to compromise, “says Arnold, the Ecology Action Centre.” And I think it is a breath of fresh air. “Arnold says despite their praise, still they do not believe that the MSC should Day Boat fishing methods call” sustainable. “So far, she says, Day Boat owners have only promised their methods “Day Boat should be certified only if and to get when they actually make these changes” change. says Arnold.Dennoch she praises the way Day Boat owners with their critics worked. “It was not easy,” says Arnold. “I think it was a year of some pretty controversial things that went on, and then they both decided, “Let’s try and work through this.” And what came out of it at the other end was much better for the animals at the water, that’s for sure. “Day Boat owners say, the process cost more than 0,000 -. Least half of the auditors and the rest for expenses” Three years of our lives are busy, “says Bubis But he and his partner say that the MSC label is. for business is good. they were saying for the sale of their swordfish 10 percent more than competitors who do not have it — A ‘Misleading’ label environmentalists if you just listened to Day Boat history, one could conclude that the MSC a great system. But they argue that it is deeply flawed. They say for each fishery as Day Boat, they can show to another certified fishery with big problems. So the sustainable label “is misleading,” said Gerry Leape, which helps programs at the Pew Environment Group’s Oceans running “The consumer looks at the fish, and says.” Oh, it’s the label is all about, it must be sustainable ‘ “said Leape., but” in some fisheries, the MSC has been certified, it is not necessarily the case. “Leape says swordfish are a perfect example. Fillets labeled” certified sustainable “in the supermarket could of Day Boat in Florida that environmentalists are applauding. Or they could of long-line boats to come in Canada, more than 2,000 miles away. The MSC has this Canadian swordfish though many environmental groups to denounce labeled as sustainable development, fisheries, because evidence suggests its Tens of thousands of boats accidentally catch sharks jährlich.MSC CEO Rupert Howes, steadfastly defended their program. “The MSC standard is strict, it is scientifically based and assessment is based on the evidence,” he says. “is the beauty of the MSC program each year that the fishery products must have an annual surveillance audit, “says Howes.” These numbers are checked again. When new stock assessment data suggest that populations can not withstand that pressure, new conditions may be called, or even certificates can be withdrawn. “But many scientists and environmentalists demand that in some fisheries, there are not enough data to conclude that they sustained you sind.Betrachten the buttery white fillets popularly known as Chilean sea bass. This is the usual term for a supermarket and restaurant deep-sea species called Patagonian toothfish, some of which are caught in the Ross Sea near Antarctica. If the MSC in 2010 gave its seal of approval to several companies to catch the fish, dozens of scientists protested. “you do not know the most basic things about the life cycle of Antarctic hake, “said Jim Barnes, Director of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, which represents dozens of environmental groups around the world.” No one has ever toothfish eggs seen, “says Barnes.” No one has toothfish ever seen little baby, for that matter. And given that gap, the MSC is happily willing to say, “Oh, what makes this fishery, is perfectly sustainable. ‘” Critics say MSC apparent contradictions comes in part from the way MSC executives have built the system: Each fishing, the label to pay a commercial auditing firm to decide whether it is sustainable, so wants as MRAG Day Boat hire. Sources that have multiple firms, including Intertek Moody Marine Scientific Certification Systems and Food Certification International worked, told NPR that the industry is highly competitive. There are only about a dozen accounting firms vying to get orders for the fisheries around the world to be certified. “For me, this is a direct conflict of interest,” says Barnes. “What does certification incentive [Companies] have to say no?” Barnes asks. “It has no interest in that,” he says, because then the company could scare away business from other fisheries, established the MSC label for sustainable wollen.Da the MSC in 1997, some 200 firms have been certified as sustainable fisheries and rejected less than 10 fisheries that applied. There are now 189 certified fisheries worldwide. Controversial — toothfish Take a closer look at the controversy swirling around the Ross Sea hake. After the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition protested, presented the MSC a respected international lawyer, Michael Lodge, to serve as a kind of referee. The MSC provides “judges” as it is whenever they call groups formally object. The process costs tens of thousands of dollars. There were 21 submissions objection, since the MSC created wurde.Lodge report sharply criticized the test, that certified companies toothfish, Intertek Moody Marine for some of the ways it deals with the case. The “completion of [Moody’s] assessment team reached are not supported by the evidence,” Lodge wrote in a section. Part of Moody’s evaluation wrote Lodge, the conclusion Moody could did have reached “can be arbitrary or disproportionate in the sense that no reasonable certification body described” “on the evidence before it.” “There are cases in the case where toothfish [Moody ] was not strict enough, sufficiently careful, “later told NPR Lodge. “You can call that sloppy. Certainly in these cases they were not doing their job properly,” he says. “[Moody] not to do what they were required to do as a certification body.” Moody General Manager, Paul Knapman, rejects the notion that his company has ever been the work of “sloppy.” Moody has certified more than any other fisheries to the MSC website. Moody was the seal of approval to the controversial Canadian swordfish industry. “We have scientists in our team, look at the information that has been collected,” says Knapman. “It is evidence-based everything. And if they say that the fishery meets the standard, then we have to determine the location, the fishery should be certified.” Knapman found that despite the criticism Lodge, MSC Ross Sea toothfish was the sustainable label. But under the MSC rules as judges Lodge have limited options. You can not undo a certification of the company’s decision, even if they, as did Lodge, that the company did not properly check to close all the evidence. The judges can only rule that the company is a revaluation of the evidence and reconsider their original decision. This is what to do lodge Moody ordered. Moody auditor to the same conclusion, as they did the first time, and marks the MSC fishery nachhaltig.Die Howes is stunned when he controversies swirling around about some of the fishing stopped. “Yes, there are controversial fisheries, there is bound to be,” he says. “We have nearly 300 fisheries of pretty much all the oceans of the world judged either or assessment. I am confident in the MSC program and its assessment process. No system is perfect.” Environmental groups and others have 21 official complaints because the MSC was created. So does suggest the small number that most environmentalists support MSC-labeled fisheries? Many environmentalists we spoke no to sagen.Barnes, Leape and others say that it mainly because it was not submitted enough staff, money or time are not many objections. Directors of the Canadian Ecology Action Centre, for example, say that the fight against the decision to certify Canadian swordfish they diverted from work on other priorities, and absorbed “literally thousands of volunteer hours” research. “This result is almost the same as if we had done nothing, “says Susanna Fuller, Co-Director of Marine Programs at the Ecology Action Centre. So she and her colleagues have decided to no further objections to the MSC file. Of course, the objection is not only a burden for environmental groups. They cost time and money for the fishing companies and their audit firms, too. Conflicts of interest — Certification? A few years ago leaders of the Pew Environment Group has been about potential problems in the MSC system that they commissioned an outside lawyer to investigate affected. Attorney Stacey Marz confidential report for Pew, who receive NPR warned: “There will always be suspicions about the independence of the certifier if they come from those who are paid the assessment.” The lawyer recommended that the MSC or other groups in a central fund to pay the fishery if they are certified as valid would set. Then the fund supervisor would decide which auditors should assess the Fisheries – Fisheries prevent company executives from handpicking and paying the company that their fate entscheidet.Knapman, Moody General Manager, dismisses concerns about potential conflicts of interest. He says Moody, who has certified more fisheries than any other audit firm, hires various teams of independent experts to assess each fishery. “They are, on the academics who have their own reputation in their field are established. These people are certainly not thinking about the long term repeat work. Emphasis is placed on the fishery. Ultimately, it is their reputation at stake.” Howes, MSC chief says the system, it allows companies to select and pay the auditing companies that they rate, is “the way that our global market-based businesses to operate.” He notes that many companies choose to industries, from banking to manufacturing, routinely and pay independent accounting firms, the way they do business to evaluieren.Der MSC has extensive “checks and balances to ensure that the accreditation body a does a thorough job, “says Howes. “If a firm has a reputation for a bad job in his certification,” he adds, “I suspect they would lose a lot of business very, very quickly.” Howes sees the growing criticism of the MSC as evidence that the system works well. “This was a fantastic idea We have learned by doing..” Later continues: “Part of the success of the program is that we have a broad church,” he says. “We are very pleased with all our stakeholders involved, and many of them are very critical of some of the assessments. Most of the people who criticize the program, I think, composed entirely to an organization such as the MSC are required., You see us as part of the solution., but it is their role to keep test us, push us, whether it is on the part of industry or the NGO side to be better at what we do. “researcher Barbara Van Woerkom contributed to this story . Copyright 2013 NPR. To see more, visit degree relatives. NPR’s All Things considered .. Article ….. .. 4) …. Swimming with the sharks …… The Miami Herald … … The Miami Herald> Living> Travel> Latin American & Caribbean TravelTHE BAHAMASVON SUSAN COCKINGSCOCKING@MIAMIHERALD.COM BIMINI – floating underwater in a cage next to the fish cleaning dock at the Bimini Big Game Club, I watched with fascination the reactions of the different species of marine life to shreds in the water geworfen.Es were the round bellies and feet with webbed by half a dozen pelicans try to catch the corpse in the air. There were schools grunt and gray snapper assault on the sunken deals with maniacal cruelty. There was a large southern stingray, which somehow went to the fish rage on the reason for his haul protectively with its round Körper.Und then … the stars of the show: three large female bull sharks, all drawn from various remoras, slowly circling the cage of about 10 meters, and occasionally a bit of breathing through their smaller cohorts verpasst.Es never came to me scared. Quiet breathing air hose supplied by a surface called hookah and wearing a mask, I lounged around, neutrally buoyant in a 10-meter-high, 5 meters wide, made of thick aluminum housing track as giant sharks cruised right by me. Heck, I could stay down here all day – except that other resort guests waited in turn to large ocean predators in their natural environment sehen.Ich’m experiencing one of about 100 visitors Bimini Bull Run – the small chain of islands latest eco-attraction , which opened about a month ago. 0, everyone – Scuba certified or not -., The shallow plunge and sharks up close in the wild without fear “We are this type to bring home to a variety of people,” said Patric Douglas of Los Angeles – whose company, Dock Sharks developed, which is responsible for creating Attraktion.Dock Sharks cage diving at the shallow site Tiger Beach off Grand Bahama Iceland and Isla Guadalupe in the Mexican Pacific, where white sharks congregate known. The company was invited to Bimini by Michael Weber, General Manager of the Big Game Club, which with the great whites from cage-Guadalupe had appeared a few years ago. “Last summer we were throwing fish in the water, and one day, we had 13 sharks are. A crowd gathered, “Weber said. “So it’s popped into my head, we have a new attraction. I knew Patric and his team had the experience, because they’ve been doing this all over the world. We put it together and magic happens.” Kids at the age of 8 have dropped in Bull Run, enjoy it so much that they named individual sharks -. Bummer as a large woman with a hook in its rear jaw “Part of it is education for us,” Weber said. “There is a negative stereotype of sharks They are great creatures and part of the ecosystem..” Well before the start of Bull Run, voluntarily, the Big Game Club, a “Shark-Free Marina” has become – part of an international initiative to preserve anglers from the contribution hold of dead sharks. Was illegally harvesting sharks in the Bahamas for the last few years, “You are perfect predators – not terrible monster”., Douglas.Haie have said about the fish-cleaning tables collect the south dock of the Big Game Club for decades. This is how the situation for the development of Bull Run wurde.Neben selected tourists, Douglas said, Bull Run is a good location for underwater filming and television documentaries. It could also serve as a platform for scientific studies of a somewhat mysterious apex predator, the bull shark dienen.Bulls are among the least understood species of sharks. Growing up to 9 meters and weighing more than 400 pounds, they are often blamed for attacks on humans. Together Florida and the Bahamas, they are one of the few species that can live in fresh water for a long time. Their reproductive processes and migrations are not well known. Several research institutions are currently conducting studies Tagging.Alle dozen or so “residents” of marks at Bull Run identified are women, and one of them might be pregnant. No men have been shown. How long they stay, remains abzuwarten.Inzwischen the cage is open for business .. READ MORE LATIN AMERICAN & CARIBBEAN TRAVEL stories from the Miami Herald ….. To Kelly Services are

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