For Employers Stay At Home Moms – what is that going to sleep, wake up and nap time and daily schedules for stay at home moms with young banies.?

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question of ags : What is going to sleep, wake up and nap time and daily schedules for stay at home moms with young banies .?
what is bedtime, wake up and nap time and daily schedules for stay at home moms with young babies.? I’m just curious, because my baby sleeps through, formula fed, but I can not sleep properly and exhautwed Best answer:.

reply by Ivy has Twin Boys!
My timetable or they Their sleep is midnight – 10.00am – 02.00 to 18.00 Uhr16.00 Uhr08.00 22.00Meins up the sleep from 02.00 bis 10.00 clock pm The house is clean, if they (or hop on YA) sleep and focus on the twins when they awake. are

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Hugh “six-pack” K. Harrison (September 2011) … Item 2 .. Sleepless in St. Louis (12/10/12 @ 06:08) – October 2012 … Point 3 .. Frank Zappa – Hot Rats (1969) Full Album …
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However, if there is an issue that trumps all other Dodie spirit, it is the threat to freedom, even more than the threat to the economy. She believes her own children have to recognize not yet begun, as much of their freedom they already lost due to the silencing of a real disagreement current government policies in many areas – in the universities, in the mainstream media, and even in everyday language among friends – through the self-censorship of political correctness imposed on .. Let us hope that our nation is not happy and carefree race to its own destruction – ………. like the Titanic was a hundred years ago ***** All images are by their respective authors …………. Message header for point 1.Hybris Pride … Pride can be a dangerous territory, where it mixes with wishful thinking – and find that it can be in the unwanted neighbor of arrogance – if not deception. Pride must then be reviewed, so that it can not turn into arrogance ……… Item 1) … “Six-Pack” Hugh. — People who measure themselves by external services and the roles they play. Can be honest, experienced and honest or deceitful, competitive and can falsch.Sie amoral Machiavelli, heartless, plain and plagiarism. They begin to believe their own lies and con man without conscience. Your goal is to create an illusion of superiority, from which they obtain a vindictive feeling of triumph. Anyone who has been misled deliberately and maliciously has felt the sting of this attitude … — Those who live mainly in their minds and feelings. Can artistic, articulate and inspiring, or whiny, elitist and negativ.Sie may refuse to deal with the mundane and the ordinary, unconscious, arguing that they are not from this world anyway .. — Who withdraw from the world and live in their mind. It may be sensible, farsighted and knowledgeable or abstract, stingy and schizoiden.Schneiden itself off in a defensive habit. The idea is: If I can just learn to avoid less Ill to live the influence of others. This leads to a tendency to hoard, to save what little they need less of others … as I said … Hybris Pride … “He knows how to apologize” … pretentious … “He can be intervention” … boastful … cocky … selfish … “He’s not afraid to change” … conceited .. Straddle fencer … “He has a private reputation of kindness” … weak minded … arrogant … “He knows how to listen” … confident … “He’s doing something extraordinary, and he’s quiet about it” … “Thank you for the explanation so full” … “He is not defensive” … apathetic or lazy … sneaky, competitive and wrong … whiny, elitist and negative … abstract, stingy and schizoid ……….. Item 2) …. The American Spectator … … The nation PULSE … Sleepless in St. Louis ………. ………………. img code photo … ……………………….. By Andrew B . WILSON on 12/10/12 @ 06:08 — October 2012Entrepreneur / Super Mom fears an Obama victory. … No one would mistake my sister Dodie – a Super Mom (sometimes tiger mom) and entrepreneurs – a hand-wringing pessimist. Intrepid and resourceful, she always rises to the moment – as the “unsinkable” Molly Brown in the musical about the Titanic. But now (after the blow-down to receive the object of their worst fears in the first debate) she is worried sick – so much so that they hardly disturb night schlafen.Drei recurrent thoughts their Seelenfrieden.Einer is the idea that, no matter what happens between now and 6th November, a large majority of young people – of the smartest and most educated out of them – their votes for Barack Obama werfen.Weiter is the thought that their voices the elections in his favor kippen.Und load is the thought that these same young people (including three of her own children, the youngest graduates of prestigious colleges) have no idea of ​​what they are about to schlagen.Wir all the huge crowds that turn of the President, when he visited a college campus seen. But few parents I know have been wrapped up in detail the lives of young adult children as my sister Dodie. This stems in part from the fact that her four children (one still in high school) have all worked for them in a variety of capacities over the age of 12 or 13. They learned about the business of a real entrepreneur … who also happens to be very popular with all her friends: being, at one and the same time a strict disciplinarian, the owner of a rich and outspoken personality and a role model for their children – younger short, a real super-Mama.Hier is the story of my sister and her family on the eve of what each call to the most important elections in modern American Geschichte.Zwei years after the birth of her first child, lent Dodie (Josephine Havlák to give his full name), 000 from relatives to start their own business – this wedding and portrait photography. That was in 1987, when Dodie was 32 (she’s now 57). She made it into the black in the first year and paid the loan in full in three Jahren.Das business flourished – not only because of her talent as a photographer, but even more because of their discovery of unsuspected aptitude for business. None of our family ancestors Wilson had what I would call the commercial gene. Dodie was still the ability to meet the challenges of rapid technological change, the constant need to replace existing customers through new, and to overcome the negative effects of bad luck and bad decisions made. And all this is to say nothing of the high level of anxiety that exists in this particular business (think Father of the Bride) All went well -.. “Recovery” to the housing crash in late 2007, followed by the Great Recession of 2008 / 9 and the long bounce-less in the last four years, Dodie declined in revenue from its business by about 40 percent, reflecting sharp declines in weddings, births and assets of private Haushalte.Schmerzhaft as that was, it is also less as a personal catastrophe. Even in a down market, Josephine, as she is known, is still one of the best players in the wedding and portrait market in St. Louis. And meanwhile her husband Jon, an architect, a good salary for a prestigious law firm in the city verdienen.Mit a full-time assistant to help her with the organization (Billings, collections, scheduling, etc.) from their home-based business , Dodie has combined the role of a business-owned business and a stay-at-home mom. She has participated closely and continuously with each of the children were in their school work and other activities. Conversely, in growing up in and around their business, the children have all seen from the inside how the free enterprise system works in the creation of jobs for some and for others. What they have seen is something that her mother preaches – a big proponent of competition, voluntary exchange, and capitalism of the free Marktes.Wobei some estimates put unemployment or underemployment among young adults under 50% will do the adult children, exceptionally well, including the fact that they all graduated from top universities with high honors (magna or summa). You have a photography business in San Francisco, another will soon finalize a PhD in Engineering at Cornell, and the third is a rising star in a big New York PR firm. (Julie, the youngest, in the second year in a suburban high school, is an aspiring writer and musician.) But happy as she is with her early success, is Dodie dismayed that their children, although they raised a tiger, feel no need or desire to speak in favor of the free market principles or ideas. As she describes it, “do not dare” to criticize Obama’s economic policy, or let your friends to the liberal / progressive conviction that the power of big government is the market in the production of material abundance and thus more outdo people reject their full Potenzial.Alle Dodie children are eagerly pro-gay marriage see it as almost a make-or-break issue. With Iran on the verge of becoming a weapon that it says – While Dodie hates discrimination gays, blacks or any other minority, it is the thought that someone should ensure gay marriage as the great defining issue in this election year confused use it to destroy Israel … with the federal government continues racking up one trillion U.S. dollars of new debt every year, as approximately 40 cents for every dollar spent their rent … stuck with the U.S. economy in a seemingly never-ending recession … raised and with a growing threat to freedom in the U.S. by the growth of government mandated rules and go into strange new areas, such as forcing religious institutions against their own beliefs in the health insurance, free contraceptives and abortion production of pharmaceuticals offers .. .. Page 1 of 2 ….. Page 2 of 2 (page 2 of 2) How bad could be a second Obama term? Whether he wins or not, Dodie children all say they expect to continue to do well. “Oh, ma, you’re just overreacting,” they say. “You worry too much.” Dodie thinks otherwise. With the accumulation of errors and misjudgments that would result from a second Obama victory, she sees a killer recession – perhaps even a full depression – in which no jobs will be safe. What is the chance – she asks her math whiz son Cornell – a bankrupt government will be able to finance your experiments in advanced robotics However, if there is a problem that trumps all other Dodie spirit, there is the danger? freedom, even more than the threat to the economy. She believes her own children have to recognize not yet begun, as much of their freedom they already lost due to the silencing of a real disagreement current government policies in many areas – in the universities, in the mainstream media, and even in everyday language among friends – argued by the self-censorship of political correctness auferlegt.Auf the free market think tank, where I work on a part time basis as a resident fellow and senior writer, one of my colleagues, that the really does not matter how biased and pro-Obama Mainstream media has become, since everyone chooses his cup of tea in today’s information Teahouse: Whether a person tastes run to the left or right, or somewhere in between, everyone has the choice is yours, after that Argument.Nicht, my sister counter. As someone who has spent a lot of time on college campuses over the past decade in the company of her children and her friends, she says: “If you are on a campus today, dares not to admit to something other than the mainstream add media or something on the left side. To listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox News to invite you to insult your stupidity. Neither of my kids want to be a pariah. “She adds that exactly the same point where the upper middle class public high school, where her youngest child is enrolled are gilt.Obwohl most parents unconcerned, Dodie is shocked that the standard output Advancement Placement textbooks at the high school (the third and the sixth edition of World Civilizations ), the talk usually glowing terms of the supposed accomplishments of Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, while glossing over the fact that Stalin and Mao million mentioned by their own people getötet.Letztere edition of the textbook “the chaotic transition period” after Stalin’s forced collectivization agriculture in the Soviet Union in 1928, and it goes on to say: “If Stalin approach to agriculture had serious flaws, his handling of the industry in many ways, was an overwhelming success.” Stalin’s handling of the industry “a tremendous success” call, is in itself a breathtaking lie. But to speak of “serious deficiencies” and “chaotic transition period” in its war against the Russian and Ukrainian landlords and the peasantry, the story is bend over the breaking point – a blatant misrepresentation of the past. What Stalin did was the famine on a scale that as many as 20 million people or more to entfesseln.Mao killed – a butcher and famine-maker on a larger scale – in World Civilizations is an idealist and a communist heroes, treated “hung his faith in the farmers … as a repository for basic virtue” and who went his way to champion the rights of women (“women in the revolutionary struggles for social justice” is the title of a section of the chapter dealing with Mao ” ). “That’s what they teach in our schools today,” Dodie screaming in disbelief. “It’s no different than dieHolocaust denial or what the Iranian President) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (says. “Let us hope that our nation is not cheerful and carefree race to its own destruction – like the Titanic was a hundred years ago ……… Item 3) …. youtube video … Frank Zappa – Hot Rats (1969) Full Album … 47:01 minutes … Posted on September 14, 2012 through kritikospa10 / KritikospaMusicChannel Frank Zappa – Hot Rats (1969) Re Upload September 14 2012Tracklisting01 00:00 “Peaches en Regalia” 02 3:35 “Willie the Pimp” 03 12.50 “Son of Mr. Green Genes” 04 21:48 “Little Umbrellas” 05 24:50 “The Gumbo Variations” 06 41:45 “It must be a camel” All Music Review (Rating: 4.5 / 5, Album Pick) wiki / wiki / Hot_Rats Rate Your Music (Score: 4.15 / 5) / release / album / frank_zappa / hot_rats / Category: Music License: Standard YouTube License ….

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