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issue of : What can I write when I’m working a 1099 contract workers, but from the business office, work from home some
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Probably nothing – home based offices can only be written off if you use this space for absolutely nothing other than the business. For example, if you, the 1099 employees work on the computer, you may have an office. But if you use that computer in your office to send private e-mail, you will lose your tax deduction. This means that not read e-mails, do the crossword puzzle in this room, not used for household storage, etc.

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Time Magazine (September 13, 2010) … Point 2 .. The new anti-Semitism – What it is and how to deal with him (July 12, 2011) …
Contract Work From Home
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While this sounds like an episode in Germany before the anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws, it was recently and very much closer to home, at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Social Work. Now more details are under the exceptional circumstance of two U of T professors publicly criticize a colleague to facilitate classroom-Semitism and the university administration, the lack of response emerging ……… ***** All photographs are protected by the respective authors …………… Item 1) …. … / jw / s … Home Israel JEWISH WORLD … Anti-Semitism at the University of TorontoJude count, racism and intimidation at U of T social work degree …………………. IMG code ……………… photo … Anti-Semitism at the University of Toronto . 12th ………………………………… July 2011 / 10th Tammuz 5771von Richard Klagsbrun / jw / s / anti-Semitism_at_University_of_Toronto .. .. Picture this: A discussion in a post-graduate University class on the subject of Jews turning ugly. The professor is critical if a student says he does not want to be to be Jews. Another student complained about “rich Jews”, which means their excessive power. In a subsequent class, the same professor, as if to verify this point, says half of their department faculty Jews and with their applause, students running a “Jew count ‘. While this sounds like an episode in Germany before the anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws, it was recently and very much closer to home, at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Social Work. Now, more details on the unusual circumstance of two U of T to criticize professors publicly a colleague to facilitate classroom-Semitism and the university administration, the lack of response Schwellenländern.Der dispute began when some visible minority students in a social work master’s program at spoke at the University of Toronto discomfort about being around “rich Jews” in Bhuyan Rupaleem professor of the class of a proposal for an outing in 2009 at the Baycrest Centre, an internationally renowned Jewish elderly and the research facility were. you certainly confident, willing to listen about her. The year before, Bhuyan Israel denounced as a satellite of the United States, unworthy of distinction as an independent country. The few Jewish students in Bhuyan the master’s degree class were in the silence for much of the discussion of a classroom culture against them inclined intimidated. eventually spoke to a young woman protesting her grandparents came to Canada with virtually nothing, and She was proud of her family could afford now, have sounded the charge for them at Baycrest befinden.Das be an alarm bell for Professor Bhuyan, because shockingly, she told her students not to put across what transpired in the class for Außenstehende.Aber her classroom was not Las Vegas and what has happened there can not stay there. Some outraged Jewish students approached Professor David Paula, who in turn consulted senior professor Ernie Lightman and Adrienne Chambon. “The students are in a precarious situation and terror officially attaching their name to complaints against a professor in a program such as social work, “said Lightman.” Apart from determining grades, they fear a bad word from a professor in a social agency in their employment prospects may be eliminated. “In view of such circumstances accepted Lightman’s voice Jewish students who endured the vitriol in the class of Bhuyan. He spoke with Chambon Faye Mishna, the Dean of Social Work about the incident. A letter to Lightman U of T President David Naylor wrote about the matter at the general public . By the way, responded by sending the Mishna, without specific reference to the incident or Bhuyan, a pair of letters to the Department of Social Work Antisemitismus.Verwandte generic condemnation of the article: The New Anti-Semitism Lightman believes the university response was absurd.” The department’s approach seemed a widespread problem with anti-Semitism implies – that there was not -. And everyone is potentially a racist if you support Professor anti-Semitism and has never been publicly held accountable, “The Canadian Jewish Congress rejected the ones who participate in seminars on anti-Semitism for the Social Work Department. According to the CJC to Bernie Farber,” We were not satisfied at the end with the entire process. “Chambon, a Jewish professor, the director of PhD programs in the department of social work, has been hurt most of these events. Originally from France, she says that” I from Europe and from a generation with bad memories of the grim results of the counts’m a Jew. “After he einzuladen.Wir about the incident, Chambon Bhuyan meetings have a responsibility to students to ensure that faculty do not abuse power in their positions.” I was stunned “Chambon disclosed.” She told me to come ‘racially’ pupils from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and were not in want, to ancient Jews be justified because they were rich and restless. I could not believe my ears. I took paper and wrote down what she said before her. Bhuyan said then that the donor plaques at the university were all from wealthy Jews, who they felt proved her point. Apart from being factually wrong, it reflects an attitude that reinforces stereotypes and polarized groups that do not belong in the teaching of social work. “Professor Bhuyan not a question about this item and the university refused to answer, Department of Social Work Dean Mishnah, that the answer Comment:” The department has all the steps to resolve the matter appropriately address at the time of the incident and then could be “Nothing. incorrect grind slowly in the opinion of Lightman, Chambon and others. While waiting patiently for the wheels of justice to them instead saw them go from the Schienen.Bhuyan an untenured assistant professor, who never offered a public apology for her behavior, was of the University with a contract extension belohnt.Diese development has a number of professors in a dysfunctional Department of Social Work, which is divided into opposing camps frustrated. Lightman insists the matter must be suspended and recently wrote an article on the journal for the study Antisemitismus.Lightman the claims: “It is ironic that a department teach Alleged Anti-Racism unable to be with racism in their own home. We have a responsibility to students to make sure not to abuse the power of the faculty reflect on their positions, and to the community-at-large to all Social Workers IT graduates and support to ensure the values ​​of the field. That’s not happening here. “.. Ontario’s Minister of Higher Education and Universities, John Miloy The Progressive Conservative critic for this portfolio is Jim Wilson Why do not let them know what you think of this article originally appeared on the blog: eye on a crazy planet / …….. # 2) …. … / jw / s … Home Israel JEWISH WORLD … The new anti-Semitism What it is … and how to deal with IMG ……………………………….. Photo code … “The New Anti-Semitism” / images / The_New_Anti-Semitism_ (middle) _ (English). jpg ………………………………. 12th July 2011von Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks met in January 2000, the Heads of State and senior representatives of 44 governments in Stockholm, to commit themselves to an ongoing reminder of the Holocaust and the fight against anti-Semitism. Nearly two years later, the synagogues and Jewish schools in France and Belgium firebombed, and Jews were in the streets angegriffen.Die distinguished Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi Joseph Sitruk, urged Jews not to be worn on the street yarmulkas The French Jewish intellectual Alain Finkielkraut wrote. “The hearts of the Jews are heavy. For the first time since the war, they are afraid. “Shmuel Trigano, a professor of sociology at the University of Paris, openly questioned whether there is a future for Jews in France. Never again had never wieder.Gestützt is on the Jewish identity of memories of persecution Fehler.Am February 28 In 2002 I gave my first speech on the new anti-Semitism. I had never before spoken on the subject. I had not grown a single experience of anti-Semitism. I believed and still do, that the entire company to Jewish identity based on memories of tracking error. was the renowned Holocaust historian Lucy Dawidowicz The same conclusion is reached at the end of her life. She warned against the danger of an entire generation of children growing to know about the Greeks and how they lived, the Romans, and have they lived , the Jews and how they died. I then Radical, Radical now wrote that focus specifically on the Jewish identity away from death to life, to celebrate suffering, sorrow, Freude.Die return of anti-Semitism, after 60 years of education about the Holocaust , the inter-religious dialogue and anti-racist legislation is an important event in the history of the world. farsighted historians like Bernard Lewis and Robert Wistrich was the warning sound since the 1980s. Already in the 1990s argued the Harvard literary scholar Ruth Wisse, that antisemitism was the most successful ideology of the 20th century. German fascism, she said, came and went. Soviet communism came and went. Anti-Semitism came and blieb.Es is wrong to exaggerate. We are not now, when Jews were in the 1930s .. Even today the Jews, what were our ancestors are: helpless, powerless and without a collective home, the State of Israel has transformed the situation for Jews everywhere What is necessary is now easy to understand the situation and warn this is.. what Moses Hess in 1862, Judah Leib Pinsker made in 1882 and Theodor Herzl in 1896. 71, 51 and 37 years respectively before Hitler’s rise to power to understand, is to begin to know how to react, with open eyes and without Angst.Der today anti-Semitism is a new phenomenon, with continuous, yet much of the past. To explore the transformation, we must first define what is anti-Semitism. In the past, Jews were hated because they were rich and because they were poor because they are capitalists (Marx), and because they are communists (Hitler) was because they kept to themselves, and they infiltrated everywhere, because they held tenaciously to a superstitious belief (Voltaire), and because they rootless cosmopolitans, nothing (Stalin) geglaubt.Der Semitism mutates, and it defeated the immune systems of cultures set in order to schützen.Der Semitism is hatred against an ideology, a coherent set of beliefs. It is, in fact, an endless stream of contradictions. The best way to understand is there to see it as a virus. viruses attack the human body, but the body itself has a remarkably sophisticated defense system, the human immune system. survive So how viruses and thrive? Mutation. Anti-Semitism mutates , and thereby, defeat the immune systems of cultures set in order to protect themselves against hate. There were three such mutations in the last 2,000 years, and we have found through the fourth leben.Die first with the birth of Christianity. Until then, it was for many writers, the Hellenistic Jews were hostile. But they were also opposed to other non-Hellenic peoples. The Greeks called them barbarians. There was nothing in her personal attacks on Jews. This was not anti-Semitism. It was xenophobia. This changed with Christianity. As it turned to Islam, the founder of the new faith, which is largely believed on the basis of Judaism itself, that Jews join the new dispensation and were outraged when they do not happen. Jews were convicted are not recognized – what is worse, of complicity in the death -. One strand of the Messiah of the Jews hate Christianity appeared in some of his earliest texts, and became a full-fledged genre of “Adversos Judaeos’ literature, in the days of the Church Fathers. From here on, Jews – became the target of what Jules Isaac called “teaching of contempt” – did not begin non-Christians in Allgemeinen.Die second mutation in the year 1096, when the Crusaders to win on their way to Jerusalem, stopped to massacre Jewish communities of Worms, Speyer and Mainz, the first major European pogrom. In 1144 in Norwich, there was the first ritual murder libel, a myth that still exists in parts of the Middle East. Religious hatred of Jews was demonic. Jews were no longer just the people who rejected Christianity. They began as an evil force is seen to kill children, the host desecration of poisoning wells and spreading the plague. There were forced conversions, inquisition and burning at the stake, staged public debates, book burnings and expulsions. Europe was a “threatened society,” We, the third mutation to date to 1879, when the German journalist Wilhelm Marr coined a new word. Anti-Semitism. The fact that he had to do so tells us that this was a new phenomenon. It was shown in an Age of Enlightenment, the secular nation state, liberalism and emancipation. Religious prejudice was a thing of the past as his. The new self-hatred had to quite different reasons to justify namely race. That was an ominous development, because you can change your religion. You can not change your race. Christians could be used for the conversion of Jews to work. Racists were only for the destruction of the Jews to work. So the Holocaust was born. Sixty years after the word came Tat.Anders than its predecessors, focuses on the new anti-Semitism Judaism as a religion, nor the Jews as a race, but on Jews living as Nation.Heute us through the fourth mutation. Unlike its predecessor, the new anti-Semitism is not focused on Judaism as a religion, nor the Jews as a race, but as a nation of Jews. It consists of three movements. Firstly, only by the 192 nations that make up the United Nations, Jews are not entitled to their own state. As Amos Oz remarked in the 1930s, said anti-Semites, “Jews to Palestine.” Today, they cry, “Jews out of Palestine.” He said they do not want us to be there, they do not want us to be here, they want us not to tenants, the second is that the Jews or the State of Israel (the terms are often used interchangeably), which for the evils of the world, AIDS to global warming. All the old anti-Semitic myths were recycled from the Blood Libel to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, still a best seller in many parts of the world. The third is that all Jews are Zionists and therefore are legitimate objects of attack. The bomb attacks on synagogues in Istanbul and Djerba attacks, the burning of Jewish schools in Europe and the near fatal attack on a young yeshiva students were on a bus in north London in October 2000 on Jewish targets, not Israeli. The new anti-Semitism is an attack on Jews tried as a nation, as a nation like any other on the face of the earth exist, the rights of self-government and Selbstverteidigung.Wie it came to permeate the modern immune system ever built – the full range of international measures designed to were nothing like the Holocaust never happened, to ensure the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) on the Stockholm Declaration of 2000? The answer lies in the way of self-justification. Most people feel at most times a residual guilt to hate on the innocent. Therefore, anti-Semitism had always been to find legitimacy in the most prestigious source of authority to a certain Zeitpunkt.In the first centuries of our era, and again during the Middle Ages were the religion. Judeophobia therefore took the form of religious teaching. In the nineteenth century, religion had lost prestige and was now the supreme authority of science. Racial anti-Semitism was properly on two pseudo-science, social Darwinism (the notion that in society as in nature, the strong survive by eliminating the weak) and the so-called scientific study of race, skin color. Towards the end of the 20th Century, science had lost its prestige after he gave us the power to destroy life on Earth. Today, the ultimate source of legitimacy is human rights. Therefore, Jews are accused of (or the Jewish state) of the five original sin of human rights, racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, attempted genocide and crimes against Menschlichkeit.Das is where we are. How should we respond? There are three key messages, the first Jew, anti-Semites on the second and the third of our fellow human beings in this tense and difficult age. As Jews, we must understand that we do not fight anti-Semitism alone. The victim can not heal the crime. The hated can not heal the hatred. Jews can not defeat anti-Semitism. Only the cultures that gave rise to it can tun.Europäischen Jews in the nineteenth and early twentieth century as one of the most tragic mistakes in history. They said the anti-Jewish cause, so they can heal it. They did everything possible. They said: “People hate us because we are different, so we’ll stop, look different..” They gave the article of Judaism. It integrates, assimilates them, they hid married out their identity. This failed to reduce anti-Semitism one iota. All they did was to weaken and demoralize Juden.Wir need allies. Jews have enemies, but we have friends we must do more to cultivate. I have helped lead the fight against Islamophobia, I ask Muslims to fight anti-Semitism. I will live to fight for the rights of Christians around the world to share their faith without fear, but we need Christians on the right of Jews to practice their faith without fear of kämpfen.Die most important thing you can do Jews to anti-Semitism fight, will never, ever, to be able to do it verinnerlichen.Die important thing Jews to fight anti-Semitism will never, ever, to internalize it. This is what is in the production of the history of the persecution of the basis of Jewish identity wrong. For 3000 years Jews defined themselves as a people loved by God. Only in the nineteenth century, they began to define themselves as people hated by Gentiles. There is no reasonable future in this way. The best psychological defense against anti-Semitism is the saying of Rav Nachman of Bratslav: ‘. The whole world is a very narrow bridge, the main thing is to never be afraid “To anti-Semites and their fellow travelers, we need to be sincere. Hate destroys the hated, but it also destroys the hater. It is no coincidence that anti-Semitism, the Weapon of choice of tyrants and totalitarian regimes is. It directs internal criticism away by putting it onto an external scapegoat. It is located in one country after the direct use of attention away from real internal problems of poverty, unemployment and poor performance. Anti-Semitism is used to regime without respect human rights, rule of law, an independent judiciary, free press, freedom of association or responsible government A truth rings through the pages of history. To be free you have to let go of hatred. . Those who are driven by hatred of the enemies of freedom there is no Ausnahme.Schließlich to bring us all together, we must say that Jews are hated throughout history because they were different in order to be sure everyone is different, but more. as for most Jews the right to be fought differently. Under a succession of empires, and the centuries of dispersion, the Jews were the only people who have refused for more than 2,000 years to convert to the dominant religion, or to assimilate into the dominant culture. why anti-Semitism is a threat not only for Jews but for the Menschheit.Gott said the rabbi, everyone makes his own image, but he makes everyone else to teach us to respect differences. And because difference is constitutive of humanity, a world that leaves no room for difference has no place for humanity. Therefore, a resurgence of anti-Semitism has always been an early warning of an attack on freedom itself. There is also need allies today noch.Wir in the fight against hate. Because if it begins with Jews, ultimately threatens us alle.Dieser article first appeared in the Jewish Chronicle. Visit the Chief Rabbis of the Web site at …..

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