Companies That Work From Home – Does anyone know what insurance companies are covering home-based businesses?

Companies That Work From Home

Question by Chris: Does anyone know what insurance companies are covering home-based businesses?
Specifically, I am starting a home-based e-commerce store, and my insurance broker has told me that he is unable to find any carriers that will cover product liability for a home-based company. I know there must be some carriers out there that will, because there are thousands of similar companies to mine out there. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Casey Y
It depends on your type of business. Your broker may only have access to limited markets (ie State Farm Agents can only write State Farm policies). You should try another broker/agent.

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Industrial Darwinism
Companies That Work From Home
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About half of all businesses fail in five years, and 70% after ten years. Their facilities however stand for long after, reminding us of our industrial history. From here:

A business that has called Benton Harbor home for more than 70 years has announced it’s closing down. From automotive ashtrays to car spoilers, and even hospital equipment, Modern Plastics molded it and made it all.

But with increasing economic pressures, the plastics manufacturer has melted down. About 100 employees received news Monday that, come Tuesday, they’re not needed.

Oil prices are a major factor, since all plastics are petroleum based. Vice President Robert Orlaske says their buyers weren’t willing or able to match the bottom line.

โ€œWe had to pass on price increases to our customers, and a lot of them wouldnโ€™t take it, so they shopped other places for moving their work. And a lot of them have chosen to go to China or Mexico where the labor is a lot cheaper,โ€ Orlaske tells NewsCenter 16.

The company says they’ll do all they can for the people who’ve labored for them. They’ll hold meetings with their employees this week to help them find new jobs and get them job training.

Company leaders are in negotiations to sell the Coloma plant. If the sale goes through, it’s likely that most if not all of the current employees at that plant will keep their jobs.

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Companies That Work From Home